The archaeological and historical heritage of Tomb of Elara

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                                            Ten Giants Giants Of King Dutugamunu

King Kavanthissa recruited high powerful special talented 10 young  leaders for his army. They are known as ten giant ( Dasa  Maha Yodayo) .They are

1.     Nandimithra

2.     Suranimala

3.     Mahasona

4.     Gotaibara

5.     Therapuththabaya

6.     Barana

7.     Welusumana

8.     Kanchadewa

9.     Pussadewa

10.                        Labbiyawasaba


King  Kavanthissa appointed them as leaders and give 1000 youngersters one giant for organize the army regularly.                                                     


Nandhimithra Giant

The specialization of Nandimithra giant his body energy. There was a Sinhala major under the king Elara. He was mithra. His younger sister received a son. In his childhood he tied in grinding stone, this child went drag that grinding stone .One day he tied with bamboo tree. This child was introduced his uncles name Mithra for attached a tape in his hip he named as Nandhi mithra.  After he joined to service for King Kavanthissa. One day prince  Dutugamunu  wanted to search Nandhimithra , he sent his ‘’kadol’’ tusker ahead to Nandhimithra. He could sit the ‘’Kadol’’ tusker tusker after touching tusks of Kadol .



Suranimala Giant

Prince Deegabaya was commander of king Kavanthissa’s army. He had searched youngsters for their army. Sanga was a powerful man lived in Kasathota  - Kadavitiya village. He had seven sons. Nimila is one of a son among seven brothers. He didn’t do anything at home. One day he went to meet prince Deegabaya. The prince amazed about time that he spent a little time to reach here from his home, he wore on small time to go 30 yodun. He compared time and he suggested that nimala  is very energetic people. He examined Nimala’s  energy by and then in various ways.

Prince Deegabaya gave palmyra leaf him and sent to meet Brahma Kundala at Mihintale.Nimila took small time for it. Kundala was highly satisfied about his energy of journey. Prince Deegabaya thought Nimila was suitable for king Kavanthissa’s army. and he caught him to king . He was named as Suranimala by king because of his energy and talents. In war of Elara – Dutugamunu. Suranimala showed so many talents as a horseman. He was very energetic person in our history.


Mahasona Giant

His birth place was Hungiriwawa village in Malwathu region. He was 8 child of lord thissa in this village.He was the youngest known as Sona. In 7 years old, he could extract thal tree easily. In 10 years old he could detach thal tree. Therefore villages called  him as ‘’mahasona’’. King  Kavanthissa knew mahasona’s body energy and the king recruited mahasona to  the army.



He was born in Ninemolpitigama colony. He was the youngest person in his family. He was a short person. Therefore his brothers called  him as ‘’Gotabaya’’ His brothers worked on paddyfield but Gota was in lazy. One day brothers of Gota’s cleaned chena for dissemination udhu. They saved one section and went home and said Gota to clean this section.Gota went to the chena and cut down forest section and detached tree and arranged the floor for dissemination and built a fence by wood and went to home. Brothers came to the land and astonished about one person doing these jobs quickly. For such as incidents he named as Gotaimbara. King Kavanthissa  saw talent of Gotaimbara and recruited him to the army.



There was a leader named  Rohana lived  Kittagama near to Kotagala. He had a son named Abahya. He had a special body energy in age of year 10 – 12 .He can hoist large granite alone. He hit tree and offload fruits .King  Kavanthissa knew his body energy and recruited to army. His father was ordained in Buddhist administration. Son of monk means  Theraputh and Abahaya as Theraputhabaya.



Kachchadewa was son of Abhaya leader at Mahendra drani village. He was claudication in birth. Therefore he was famous as name of Kanchadewa. Claudication was not built for his body energy. He had a talent running catching, moose and goats. He went to forest with his friends and ran back animals and touching legs .Then he circumvoluted them  around  the head .King had heard those actions .King recruited him to army and did great task in Elara- Dutugamunu war.


Labhiyaasaba Giant

The Miththa lord lord in Weherawagama had a handsome son and also he had body energy.on his beautifulness he was famous in ‘’Labhiyawasaba’’ . Labhiyawasaba could work quickly. One day he cut the tank expanding deep. King Kawanthissa recruited him for the army and promotion  to the commander post.


Bharana  Giant

There was a lord in Kapkaduru  village. He’s son was Bharana. He had a  proper energy.  Neighbors were astonished about his body energy. When he was 10 years  old he apprehended moose .wild boar. King Kawanthissa recruit him to the army. He was famous as Manabharana and he worked as commander in King Dutugamunus  army , He  served  to the king as a great commander  to the army.


Welusumana  Giant

Wasaba was a village leader. He had two friends. They are ‘’welu’’ and ‘’ sumana’’. Wasaba’s wife gave birth to baby he was a son. Welu and sumana came to see the son .Wasaba was happy   about the friends arrival. He named his son as Welusumana. Therefore he combined his friends names. When Welusumana burgeoned he had a large body power energy. One day he tamed adamant of mare village leader. This mare didn’t give no one to climb her back. But Welusumana climbed her back. Mare ran around with Welusumana to get down him on to the  floor. Welusumana showed their talents on the mare back. He detached his cowl and brandished it. owner of mare saw welusumas domestication of mare appearance and he referred  Welusumana to king Kawanthissa . the king checked body energy of welusumana and recruited  to his army.


Pussadewa Giant


The lord uthpala lived near village Sithulpawwa, his son  is  Pussadewa. He was bulk among the children. One day he went temple and blowed conch. Convulsion of that noise near in people get down to the floor. His father recognized  talents of pussadewa and learned bow technics. He was talented in bow technics . Noice came he could shoot to the target. King  Kawanthissa had known his talent and recruited to the army. in Elara – Dutugamunu battle Pussadewa did a great job. 

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