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About Us

Glorious Bygone™ is a start up venture pioneered by 3 university friends who shared a passion towards preserving the historically valued archaeological sites in Sri Lanka and around the world and sharing the information about these proud historical monuments to many who would be interested in learning and visiting these places.

The website is designed as a crowd-sourcing platform where any individual can share his/her knowledge about the ancient places across the world with others who are keen to learn and even visit them. Therefore its not just a private company but also a social entity where the stakeholders can contribute towards each others benefit. The Plan my trip feature facilitates to discover places along a route and create a personalize tour plan to have a maximum experience when you plan your next trip. The site has also provided the option called Tip the web where individuals can contribute towards people who are sharing the information free of charge. The company which is part of leisure sector providing information services is also having plans of venturing out into tour operations in the near future.

Like to say hello, drop us a line: hello @ gloriousbygone dot com


Glorious Bygone™ would like to extend the sincere gratitude to following library authors which made this effort successful. Glorious Bygone™ uses materials, resources, and tools copyrighted by third parties and licensed under their respective licences.