The archaeological and historical heritage of Thuparamaya

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The place where Thuparamaya was built was a sacred place before arriving Buddhism.This place was known as ‘’promopa  wasthu’’.Mahinda thero recognized this place to king Devanampiyathissa as consumption place of four Buddhist.So that king deposited south aku relic of Lord Buddha and built Thuparama tope as first Buddhist religious sacred place.He did monastery and planted nascent of Srimaha bodhi in vihara land.King Laghatissa covered tope womb by a stone bund.King Gotabaya built a stupagara again.King Detuthissa brought its image of Buddhist to Pabbatha viharaya.King upatissa put gold cover to pinnacle.King second Agbo repaired tope and tope womb completely.In these repairings aku relic was taken from relic womb temporally and kept it in Lovamahapaya relic womb was repaired and new sacred goods with aku relic were deposited.Before Datopathissa appointed a king gold pinnacle and flag were theft and tool treasure and it was used for paying salaries to his army.King second Kasup repaired sthupa again.King Manawamma built roof of sthupagara.King fourth Agbodhi doors and fixed tower of tope newly.renovated king second Mahinda covered the tope by golden chemise,King second Dappula covered stupa house in golden 6 ricks and fixed golden doors.In 840 Pandya army were deposited chemise and treasure in tope.King second sena was fixed new plate chemise.King second udaya covered tope by gold chemise.King fourth Mahinda covered tope using gold and silvertapes and fixed a golden door for tope house.In tenth century there had a chola attack.They were plundered temple completely.King maha Parakramabahu reconstructed Thuparamaya again.


Footprint Sthupa

It was located east to Thuparamaya.It is identified as a footprint sthupa Lord Buddha which was made to memorize the place where Lord Buddha discoured dhamma  and climbed sky.


Nagalu Well

There was ruins of old well could be seen here and ancients called it nagalu well.That well was used for activities of viharaya.


Building With Wajra Relief


A long building with relief was near old well.It was confirmed archiological department.Someone said that it was tooth temple.But it was located in Atul nuwara.This building was used Buddhist diffusion and tantric beliefs. And it showed towers with wajra reliefs.

  • Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka

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