The archaeological and historical heritage of Thanthirimale Rajamaha Viharaya

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Thanthirimale is one of the ancient settlement.Some factors had found  about that there were settlements in this region  before  Mahinda thero’s arriving.Religious  creations,irrigation systems, carvings, and architectural creations, inscriptions paintings and other things people used, were spread from starting to ending  Anuradhapura era.According to ancient resources and folklore there were productive settlements from here to northwest beach.On the declension of Anuradhapura kingdom These villages had  dark era. From 1960 villages and temple are developed. villagers by temple.81 small lakes are reconstructed and now nearly 2700 familieve lived there.















It is situated in Mahavillachchi regional secretariat.Demattamalgama,Nelumvila                               Sadamaleliya,Tuppitiyawa,Nawodagama,Maha  ahatuwewa,Oyamaduwa are some of other villages.This  ancient land limited to north and east to Malwathu oya andwest to Wilpaththu national forest and  south to  Mahavillachchiya main road.

On the way Anuradhapura – Mahavillachchiya passing 18 kms and turn to south side.go ahead on Sri Wimalaghana road  nearly 18 km.You can reach Thanthirimale Raja Maha Viharaya.




















Development Of Name


In the time period of king Devanampiyathissa this region called as ‘’ Thivakka  Bamunugama”.The sacred Sri maha bodhi had brought to Anuradhapura  in Devanampiyathissa  time period.These  Perahera was settle down this village a day.Prince Wijaya came to Srilanka  and he appointed  Anuradhapura as his kingdom.The ministers  came  with him were advised  to built settlements in each regions.According to that  Upathissa minister created “Upathissagama’’ in the place which ‘’maha oya’’ and ‘’ kanadara oya’’  meet.Today it is called as Thanthirimale. Prince Saliya and Ashokamala were lived there because they were deported due to  unconventional marriage.King Dutugamunu gave them forgiveness. King donated a gold neckless shaped in thanthiri  butterfly.

According to popular usage Thanthirimale was named as so the neckless was deeproted here.the sacred people accomadated place mountain was ‘’Thanthirimalei”.It was the tamil customery and it become thanthirimale.

The monks attached to trisect in Anuradhapura era and  venerable Brahmins who live in Butanaya. Had lived here.It is caused to say  thanthirimale.










Bodhi Rukshaya

Mahinda maha thero had brought Buddhism to srilanka and thereafter  Sangamiththa theranee came here with  Srimaha bodiya’s south branch.She started  dispensation.It was  dispensation to  ‘’Dabakolapatuna’’ fort which situated in the  middle of Jaffna and Mannar.King Devanampiyathissa went through water and accepted Bo tree  to a  goldbowl. It was  brought to Anuradhapura by procession  on the way chief of the  Thivakka bamunugama and his  colleagues warmly welcomed from here to ‘’malvatu oya’’.They arranged a beautiful and the heighest place on stone board to keep ‘’bodhiruka’’.They gave residence to people who were royal and sacred  and  gave offering hospitalities.

Arahath Mihidhu ,Arahath Sangamiththa, another eleven bikkunees and royal party with  king Devanampiyathissa were included to sacred  people  in that night the bodhi climbed to sky and scattered rays of Buddha and show miracle.The day after day had brought to Anuradhapura and was  planted  eminently.Eight bo  nascents were arisen in here.The  chief and colleques represented  all regions were at planting  ceremony.Thiwakka brahma also took part ceremony.

According to determination  of  Lord Buddha and  decision of mihidu thero brahma  was given a one of  nascent.He accepted  warmly and brought it to  thanthirimale on a large procession.Then built a circular bulwark at the stone board whrere Srimaha bodhi was kept in the day before and  planted there.On this  historical incident all people in these regions became Buddhist.They protected the bodhi as their  lives.They worshipped  on great  faith.After that they  built a stone wall for secure.Four flower boards in foursides were found in excavations done in near.Before starting creating images of Lord Buddha people worshipped sacred antiques were excavated.It is wonder, that various  barriers like sunshine wind,rain, were came the ‘’bodhi rukka’’  is alive until today as a result of determination of  Lord Buddha. All Buddhist in the world got many mental cure from it. Some are got meditate under boshade.



Samadhi  Image

  It is located to the south in high and circled  rock.It’s  height is eight feet.Both sides of image are ready to build  images throwing keeping granites.It is stopped cutting staircase somewhat off.Underneath of image  is uncompleted.It was made by excavating granite and a concave creation.The yak’s tailed gods were represented  in both sides.Headress finished.Halo also had planned to creat.Behind the image there was a dragon  pandol.It was bear by two lions.Dwarf pictures were used to decorate.There was a roof to secure from sunshine,wind and rain.Doar frames and posts in large doar was made by granite.It was consisted with boraclam.Excavations found that roof were installed with tiles.

It’s robe was started to made in  end of Anuradhapura.It was fit at Polonnaruwa.On the attacks of robbers it couldn’t  be ended .Soit might be  created in Polonnaruwa.A large ancient informations could be get from image.But excavations by archiological department is not finished yet.











Recumbent Image


The recumbent image was pledged on the northern slope of the rock where bo tree was insisted.It carved in stone and raised the image.It’s robe was  fit to body.It’s head located to the east and 45 feet in lengh.The ruins showed the image house was kept there.After depopulated treasure thieves destroyed.Excavation  done in 1974, found that a large  burns had been lighted to take treasure.Charcoal and firewood remained were proved that.Parts of hair,nose,ears,lips, cheeks were also fond.Archiologist department had tired to recreate image in1984 but until yet it.It had not happened .This image had features same to polonnaruwa image.






Library And Padanagaraya

Well designed quadrangular monument  was located  the top of the natural rock which situated near to beautiful  lotus pond on the north side of rock.It was  used as a library.Walls were tied together and kept a doar the roof had been made by granite.The characters belonged to ce 8th  century were written in every stones.There was  a starecase  made by  wood  or bricks.Valuable talipotbooks had been protected here

There  was a beautiful cave in this rockbase.It was made by digging inside the rock.The roaf  had  used  and  doarframes designed by cauldron.In front of the cave a building called  Padanagaraya which used toget meritate and it’s ruins were  found.Here and there twell buildings ruins were  invented.Rock was nearly 250 acres. All these were used for residence or centres of  meritating.













Caves And Pre Historical Paintings

There were five various caves in this  place.These all were designed  cauldron and monks were lived here.Pre historical paints were in largest cave.In primary time period  wedhi people lived in caves and hunting  animals.In the leisure time they drew various images on the wall .Therefore ashes after mixing.

They drew animals,sun,moon stars,bows and arrows.Fast  peoples details  were found  in these historical paintings.According to Mr. Senarath  Paranavitharana these images had been old 4000 years.When anyone go from library to east and go  through the forest this cave was met.There could be gathered 150 people.Another two caves were near it.It was a beautiful and  natural situation.Then few steps to east and  passing small pond and climb the rock there could be seen four villages Thanthirimale.And  also could see northern plain expand to mannar and Jaffna region.














Inscriptions can be seen in each of the era in caves.Stone boards,Library, bo courtyard,Ponds and also important inscriptions which owns to ce 8th  century was here.There were consist pre brahmee characters.It was noticed that various offerings for monks.



















Cairn And Shrine

In 1980  the  temple was found and developed.But there was no tope here.After knowing, company of Premadasa Colombo, Mr and Mrs Premadasa had built bell tower.After the death of  Mr Premadasa, Mrs Premadasa and children had built cairn and worshipped. in 1976  it’s pinnacle was adorned.Ananda Premadasa  the son of the them started to built shrine.



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