The archaeological and historical heritage of Polonnaruwa museum

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Nearest Land Mark : Polonnaruwa

Museum type :Archaeological

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Visiting Hours : 9am-6pm

Display Objects :The main historical turning points form the Anuradhapura to the Polonnaruva period. Another section is devoted to depict the culture and life style of the people in the Polonnaruva period. Other section are devoted to depict the town plan. Palace complex, artifacts and descriptions of foreign relation in the past. The last hall exhibiting Hindu bronzes is a rich collection of artifacts depicting the Hindu religious themes prevalent in the Polonnaruva period.

description : The Archaeological Museum located by the side of the Parakrama Samudra presents original artefacts found in Polonnaruwa and also replicas and artistic impressions of the ancient monuments.

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Contact Address:Polonnaruwa , Sri Lanka

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