The archaeological and historical heritage of Wagama Rajamaha Viharaya

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                      Among the temple is in Nuwara-Eliya district in Haguranketha area this historical “Wagama Rajamaha Viharaya” is important. In Haguranketha to Rahathugoda road and turn right to Rahathungoda school and go 2 miles there is the “Wagama Viharaya”.


                      This “Wagama Viharaya” was belonging to period of Gampola.This temple was built a queen “Henakada Beso Bandara” who was the wife Gampola III king “Weekarmaboho”(c: e 1357-1374) note in legend. In “Wagama Rajamaha Viharaya” there are a statue of that queen. And also according to legend she was made “Wagama”, “Welwala” and “Pallebowala” temple. This “Wagama”and “Welwala” temples belonging to period of Gampola. There an old document which gave that land for this temple. Among the land which gave to this temple there are the king II“Rajasingha”(c: e: 1635-1678) and the king II “Wemaladrmasuriya” (c: e 1678-1707) inherited land. And also the king “Weeraparakkrama Narendrasigha” (c:e 1707-1739) was reconstruction the temple and made a stairs to enter the temple. According to “Madarampura” news the king “Kirthi Sri Rajasingha” support for this temple. 


                  End of the Kandy kingdom British was attack to the “Udarata” kingdom. To protect their inoculation they bring the tooth relics from “Kithulppe Rajamaha Viharaya” to “Wagama” crypt temple. This is note in the palm leaf book. In “Wagama Viharaya” there are only a crypt with cauldron. In the corner of this temple there are a Buddha image belonging to period of Gampola. In front of the temple there are Paintings and idol reconstruction in 1918. There are a special idol is in “Petamalaye”. Videlicet  idol of the “Henakada Biso bandara”. This idol bust was full of jewelery and  “Dhotiya”. There are creeper designs on stone roof belonging to old period in the  crypt temple. There are evidence about the paintings and idol of the temple “Pitamalaye” was belong to the first century.


                   In Haguranketha area this historical “Wagama rajamaha Viharaya” according to period of Gampola and this is use for people who is study about historical places.



  • Hanguranketa, Sri Lanka

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