The archaeological and historical heritage of Kithulppe Rajamaha Viharaya

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                        This temple situated in Nuwara-Eliya belonging to Hahuranketha area. Belong the other “Rajamaha Vihara” this “Kithulppe Ranpathge Viharaya” is famous. And also this is famous because of tooth relics are in here. But this “Kithulppe Ranpathge Viharaya” is not outstanding.


                      There are two road to go this outstanding “Rajamaha Viharaya”. When come Haguranketha to Rekillagaskada across Poramadulla there are 15 km to this temple and the other road is Haguranketha,across Unanthanna and go 9kms to Kithulppe.  Kithulppe is situated in middle of the valley in the mountain. A round this temple there are “Poththagala” mountain ,”Malhathagoda” mountain and “hapugasdeniya” mountain. The road which we enter the temple there field made for paddy cultivation. This white water-lily paddy cultivation and mountain make this temple beautiful.


                      The British are come to the Sri Lanka they catch seaboard area firstly. Later they try to catch “Kanda Udarata” kingdom.  There are a tread about how to protect the tooth relics and it was the main symbol of the royal. In that reason the tooth relics was bring scattered many places. This “Kithulppe Ranpathge Viharaya” was the one of the place which the tooth relics were kept. This details was in the palm leaf book named “Daladha Veththi”. According to “Daladha Veththi” this tooth relics was bring “Kithulppe” to Kandy in 1803.


                   When enter the temple we can see the Bodhi tree and the old temple mansion. In front of the image-house there is a small shrine shape of campanulate. And also there are a “Pohoya Sema Malakaya”and a old “Darmashalawa” is in here. There are ruins of stone towers in the temple land. In past there the tooth relics was in the temple mansion. This temple was reconstruction in 1831 year note in top of the door frame, the idol is in here same to the idol is in “Araththa viharaya”. Because this “Araththa viharaya” was the royal temple so this “Kithulppe Viharaya” was built that plan. There are circumambulation around the image-house. In front of it there drumming sage. This drumming sage include with wooden towers. Thes towers are without any pattern, it connect to the roof there are engraving with pillar cap. In front of the image-house there are dragon Pandol. There are painting is inside of the temple. “Sathsatiya” and character of the “Buddha” display in here. Near the door frame there are “Katharagama” and “Vishnu” idol draw in here. This paintings are archaeological important. In front of the drum stage awning and the awning of the temple painted with lotus design and zodiac.   



                       This historical “Kithulppe Rajamaha Viharaya” is the important place in among the other “Rajamaha viharaya” in Haguranketha area.

  • Hanguranketa, Sri Lanka

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