The archaeological and historical heritage of Nagala Rajamaha Viharaya

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                  In central province Nuwara-Eilya  district belong Haguranketha area,this “Nagala Rajamaha Viharaya” belonging to king “Walagamba” videlicet  century of Christian anterior and this is desolate area. The details about this temple are famous exiguously.


                 When enter this “Nagala Rajamaha Viharaya” go 12kms in Haguranketha Rekillagaskada road. This temple is in “Illagolla” village. When climb the ramshackle and breached stairs we can meet this temple. there are bodhi trees planted in both side of the entrance. This temple is a crypt temple. according to details about this temple, this temple was built queen “Sooma” (queen of the king “Walagamba”) and confer to the temple note in legend. But the ruins are less residual. Especially the idol are in the temple are not residual in today. Behalf that there are few of idol design in 1940. And also that the time period the painting was on the wall are draw. As well as there are no any building without this “Nagala Rajamaha Viharaya”.


                  In right side of the Rajamaha Viharaya  there are bodhi tree. And also there are “Na” tree and “Sapu” tree in the courtyard. In that place there is a small caion. But there are no any idea about this caion why it was designed. The queen “Sooma” was stared to design this “Nagala Rajamaha Viharaya” but this historical place is not contact with any monk.



  • Hanguranketa, Sri Lanka

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