The archaeological and historical heritage of Sulu Na Pahura Rajamaha Viharaya

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                  This “Sulu Na Pahura Viharaya” is in Matale Yatawaththa divisional secretary area and it have this mane because this temple is in middle of the small “Na” trees around the many “Na” trees. History about this temple was belonging to period of king “Walagamba”. There are many legends about this temple. The idol of “Natha” was built king “Walagamba” inhere, and later the kings “Sri Wekkrama Rajasingha” try to conveyance this idol to Kandy. But the village people were conflicting for that and this temple be focused on annoyance and sequestered.


                This temple was beginning the prince “Sapumal”. There are 47 stairs made by stone  for enter this temple. There are 60 crypts with cauldron in this area. One of that there is a painting about prince “Sapumal”. In this shrine room there are five “Hidi Pilimaya” and three “Hitin Pilimaya” and among the paintings are similar to painting in the “Dabulu len Viharaya”. There is a small caion. It was broken by thieves. So also  the paintings are change color and destroyed.  The main reason of that is the roof is carious, so the rain water leak. The village people say the thieves who was broken this caion died because of the god wrath. There is a hundred years old bodhi tree inhere.


                According to research of the Mr.Paranavetana this “Sulu Na Pahura Viharaya” has old and more valuable idol of “Natha Devi”. Later the foreign person who was geld the “Na” trees near this temple and grow tea leaves in here. But when he geld those “Na” trees the snakes was come here and that foreigner was fear and scarper. Later in year by year he was gave parcel of pure tea. This work done by those days.


               Among the historical place in Matale district this “Sulu Na Pahura Viharaya” is the valuable place clear of the details.

  • Yatawatta, Sri Lanka

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