The archaeological and historical heritage of Matale Udasgiriya Bodhi Maluwa Tampita Viharaya

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Matale Udasgiriya Bodhi Maluwa Tampita Viharaya

                This “Bodhi maluwa Viharaya” is situated in  Matale District Yatawaththa division Udasiya Paththuwe in Udasgiriya area. There a old “tampita Viharaya” with beautiful murals, new temple mansion and the bodhi tree with parapet, old monastery building and a fane of god “Kumara Bandara” in here.


                We can met this temple when go 21 kms to Matale Mathalapitiya road and go 520ms to Madadeniya Gansabha road. In the period of Kandy the king “Sri Wekramarajasingha” (c:e 1798-1815) there a leader of the area named “Hitibandara”. Apart 200ms  of the temple there are his manor house the place named “Udawaththa” we can guess the ruins all around here. The relics belonging to “Hitibandara” they lay up in the paddy barn. After this paddy barn was unstuck and fix it in the temple and built with beautiful paintings and this is the legend of this temple.


                 According to archaeological and architectural they can found a old amulet-stone. Is was the factor there a buddha image and also there are a “Tampita Viharaya” made by using wood and it bespangled with paintings. Those paintings are belonging to period of Kandy. There are two “Hidi Pilimaya” and “Hiti Pilimaya” is in temple come of the generation of “Asgiri Vihara”.Inside of the wall there are “Suvesivewaranaya” and “Sathsatiya” painted here. There are paintings  in the wooden roof. There “Mara yuddaya” and design of the petals and the “Apaya”was painted in outside wall.


                 The temple made of wattle and daub walls. They use betel-nut lath for planing wattle. Those betel-nut lath are made smoothly. In “Tampita Viharaya” use 6 stone towers for contributory. 10ms  In front of the of the temple there sacred foot stone,the part of the asanaghara and the stone gutter. There are ornament of the divine metallic antiquities. in the mean time  two “Hiti Pilima” and “Hidi Pilimaya”, “Pa salaba” , fatigue sword and other keen weaponry.


                The people who was wrath lived in area named “Udhahasgiriya” become “Udasgiriya” because of the people who slander to the king who was  in “Senkadagala”. The incumbent say around of this area there are people who make weapon, the people of  drumming and cornet was lived here. This “Udasgiriya Bodhi Malu Viharaya” is the historical important place.





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