The archaeological and historical heritage of Walpola Purana Len Veharaya

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                    In Matale Kuranagala road pass through Aluveharaya then come Yatawaththa village and we can see Walpola Purana Len Veharaya wthen go 1km presence in ‘Gansabha’road.This temple belonging to Watawaththa area.

                    According to ‘Eaithehasika Matale’ treatise in past this temple was built ‘Yatawaththe Dammadassi’ venerable sir named ‘Sthaveera’. After this  venerable sir was inform a king named ”Kerthi Sri Rajasinha” (c:e 1747-1782) about this small crypt temple and the king was happy about this information who gave for him. so he award the “Mutheyangana Raja maha Veharaya” to that venerable sir. According to “Nam Potha ha Magul lakuna” treatise  note about Yatawaththa.In those day there “Korossa”,”Yatawaththa”,”Talgahagoda” and  “Walawela” villages across this area.In today this road was made by British.

                   The main crypt temple is design by using surface of another crypt. This crypt aids carry on with wall by charnockite and design inside of the temple mansion. This temple divided into three parts, there are natural crypt temple,Vehara Geya and Prathima Guhaya. In side of the Prathima Guhaya there are “Samadi” idol with two of idol in two side of that statue.The temple was built using charnockite and clay. The entrance hall with short walls and round towers.

                  The walls are made by charnockite and clay, there paintings draw on this walls.Those paintings are style is in  kandy. The painting of the small crypt there are  on the ceiling, on the door frames and the painting of creeper design is important. Most of people think this temple was belonging to the period of king “Dewanampeyathessa”.because of boiler of stone crypt.

                  Over 40 years this temple was a apart of residence of bhikkhu,full of grasses. Accordingly this temple is going to be destroyed.


                       This “Walpola Purana Len Veharaya” is the most archaeological and valuable place and the every Buddhist persons must be attention for  this place.

  • Yatawatta, Sri Lanka

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