The archaeological and historical heritage of Paduwasnuwara Sri Sumanarama Rajamaha Viharaya

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                              This “Paduwasnuwara Sri Sumanarama Rajamaha Viharaya” is situated in Paduwasnuwara government agent division in  Gerithalana canton Moragolla village. When arrive this temple in Kurunagala – Halawatha road turn right side to Kotabhapitiya junction and go ½ miles.

                           Judge the historical background of this temple it was belonging to period of king “Dewana Pathis”. And also this temple was reconstruction in the period of the king “Dewana Udaya”,”Maha Parakkramabaho”,”Mahaselu Mahathis”,”Aggbo”,”Neshshankamalla”and king ”Kerthi Sri Rajasingha”. As well as many archaeological epigraphs are belonging to period of king “Maha Parakkramabaho” in Polonnaruwa found in this area. The king “Maha Parakkramabaho” as a duke done the development of south area kept the “Paduwasnuwara” as a centric. So then he was built many Buddhist building in this area. There are few monastic headquarters with this temple in this area.


                          For the present there are many ruins as ‘Periwena’, a hospital, pond and ‘Seemamalaya’ in this area. This temple is posing via antiquities excavation in current. The tooth relic was bringing from “Dabadeni Dalada Maligaya” to “Yapahuwa” it was layup in “Paduwasnuwara”.  In present the “Sri Daldha Perahara” is exert in annually. The Buddhist people who visit in Kurunagala this “Paduwasnuwara Sri Sumanarama Viharaya” is the  valuable place.

  • Panduwas Nuwara, Sri Lanka

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