The archaeological and historical heritage of Dorabavela Rajamaha Viharaya

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Dorabavela Rajamaha Viharaya

                             This “Dorabavela Rajamaha Viharaya” is situated in Kurunagala district in Harispaththuwa near the Paduwasnuwara in Tissawa canton. When enter this temple go 21 mile post in Kurunagala-Halawatha road near the Nugawala junction and go ½ miles in Nekawaratiya road.

                           This temple was belonging to 9th century, it is revealing from the assembly pillar. And also according to legends the ‘Doramadalawa’ village which was places the prince “Pandukabhaya” who was hiding; it’s become the ‘Dorabawelama’.  That lake is near this temple. There is ‘Tampita Viharaya’ in here. The high of the stone pile is 5 ½ feet. The temple mansion is built use those 15 pillars. There are two inscription on that pile. With the inscriptions sun, moon, dog, crow figures note in here. There is a wooden lift (stairs) to enter the temple and there is a 4 feet high Samadhi statue is in inside of the temple. In double side there are couples of ‘Hiti Pilima’. In roof paintings there are lotus design and creeper design show in here. In present the frescos are change color and outworn.

                           The roof was fixed using flaky tiles and the door is made suitable for period of Kandy. This temple has an oldest bodhi tree. It was planted in here from bring it in  the ‘Nallur’ village.


                         This Dorabavela Rajamaha Viharaya” is the historical valuable place for the Buddhist devotees who visit the Kurunagala district.

  • Panduwas Nuwara, Sri Lanka

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