The archaeological and historical heritage of Anguruwagala Seri Parakumbha Viharaya

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                               This “Parakumbha Viharaya” is situated in north-west province in Kurunagala district Paduwasnuwara in Tissawa canton. There are many ruins belonging to period of Polonnaruwa. According to legends there was a built Buddha image and designed a beautiful  temple mansion , used name ‘Vihara Maligaya’, later this ‘Vihara Maligaya’ was destroyed and it was famous as ‘Vihara Gala’. And also there is legend about how this rocky surface name as ‘Anguruwagala’. Videlicet the departed monk who was revenue in this rocky surface who lived around these temples in this area. So it is become “Anguruwagala”.

                           In past there was a ‘Dawapita Viharaya’ for use layup the tooth relic in this rocky surface note in legends. As well as built the treasure on the foot of the rocky surface and built the caion. Among those ruins there are beautiful stone pillars, moonstone and snake figure in here. This temple was dilapidated, because of the thieves are grasp this caion. In present there is a 21 cubit shrine built on the place which was the old caion. Further there three kinds of ponds, there are pond middle of the garden, another large pond and another pond use for bath.


                           The place which use for jettison the alms and milk rice in this “Seri Parakumbha Viharaya” is called “Kiribathgala”. This temple hermitage has 100 acre fields. And also there are 7old tanks “Raja Raja Mahamathyyaden” who was the built this hermitage. In present this temple has new caion, ’Dharma Shalawa’, small shrine room and a fane.

  • Panduwas Nuwara, Sri Lanka

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