The archaeological and historical heritage of Karalagala Tampita Viharaya

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                     We can identify this “Karagala Tampita Viharaya” is the historical place. This “Karagala Tampita Viharaya” is In  western province ,belonging to ”Upadeyapati” province  in Gampha district. From Colombo town there are 22 mile to this temple. behind the temple there are “Danau” monition and “Waththula Pabbatha” rock is in here. In that reason this place become beautiful.


                     There are “Bamitiriya” famine in that time a couple gave alms-giving to priesthood and there a “Kara Gasa” in the at one's feet of the monition this “Kara Gala” was become “Karagala” or there are lots of amaranth trees was in the at one's feet of the mountion, so I become “Karagala” note in legend. As well as the  “Waththula Pabbatha” note in “Pali Rasawahiniye”. There a reason about this temple is become famous. It is the well known “Karagala Padhmawati Periwana”. 

This “Padhmawathi Periwena” help to increase intelligence of the Sinhalese, renaissance of the Buddhist and the cultural evocation in past. But before the “Wejayabhakollaya” this temple was become decadence in period of “Dabadeniya”. In that reason this temple was become full of wild. According to historical details this temple was become decadence because of the Portuguese.


                      An architectural feature about this “Karagala Tampita Viharaya” is important to people who study about architecture. This temple is a “Tampita Viharaya”. Now we can see 8 tower in here. Those tower are “Dolospattam” not “Atapattam”. This old towers are 8 feet tall. There are two type of stone tower in “Karagala Tampita Viharaya”. This tower full of decoration and patterns belonging to period of Kandy. The “Lanu Gataya” was engraving here complicated. Additionally that there swan design, lotus design,”Degathi Lanu Gataya” and design of four petal flower engraving in this tower. We can get the grip about this engraving.



                    There was a note about this “Karagala Tampita Viharaya” in communication. According to culture of the “Tampita Viharaya” this “Karagala Rajamaha Viharaya” is the best place for study.

  • Gampaha, Sri Lanka

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