The archaeological and historical heritage of Karagala Tampita Viharaya

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Karagala Tampita Viharaya

                  Among the ‘Sandesha  Kaawaya’ the famous ‘Kaawaya’  is ‘Hansa Sandeshaya’  join this ‘Karagala Tampita Viharaya’ is in the western province  in Gampha district belonging to Waake divisional secretary area. When arrive this temple we should go 12 miles in Pugoda road and go another 7 miles to turn Mukalana junction.

                  Searching the details about this temple, this “Karagala Tampita Viharaya” was built the king VI “Weejayabaho” in kingdom of “Dabadeniya” expose from the inscription in here.  Initial time this temple was built on the stone pillars so it becomes the ‘Karagala Tampita Viharaya’. In past ‘Angoda’, ‘Abulgada’ manorial  and fields gave for this temple. According to ‘Hansa Sandeshaya’ this temple was the education center with quiet environment. The result of this education is ‘Padhmawathi Piriwena’.

                 There are two types of pillars in ‘Karagala Tampita Viharaya’. There are ‘Dolosmaspattam’ pillars. The festoon engraves in here.  Among these engraving there is design of ‘Lanugataya’. There are belonging to tradition of Kandy. And also lots of inscriptions are found in here. Among them there are inscription of the king VI “Wejayaba” and the king VI “Parakkramabaho”. As well as there are the buildings belonging to this temple and the details about there is a copper grant written about land. Among the ruins in this temple there are seat made by stone and it designed for keep a statue, moonstone, rocky bowl, a moonstone without any design and two pond are important here. These ponds are near this ‘Tampita Viharaya’.


                This temple was destroyed after-ward because of the Portuguese attack and in 1877 it was renaissance again. Hence the complete shrine room, ’Darma Shalawa’ ,elements of hermitage are begin. According to ‘Hansa Sandeshaya’  we can identify this ‘Karagala Padhmawati Piriwena’ has lots of  archaeological ruins.  

  • Gampaha, Sri Lanka

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