The archaeological and historical heritage of Welgamu Tampeta Viharaya

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In Kottawa road Mabotuwana Sri Sumanarama Purana Veharaya is located in the north province Sri Lanka, Galle district in waduraba. This temple is in top of the Ben around the fertile and luxuriant fields. In the past ‘Maha Bata Wanaya’ was become ‘Mabotuwana’ today. The special part of this temple is Tampeta Viharaya with historical Architecture.

                        According to ‘Vihara Asnaya’ alias Sri Lanka vihara directory it is note as “Welgamu Rajamaha Viharaya”. The history of “Welgamu Viharaya” was belongs up to c: e 1240 year. Videlicet period of Dabadeniya.The period of Dabadeniya  “Dewapathiraja Amathi” was built three Tampeta Viharaya in the order of second king “Parakum” (c:e 1236-1270) in here. In presently there is only Tampeta Viharaya. Sir Senarath Paranawethana was corroborate it. According to history this temple is the biggest temple is in North Province.  

                     Even this ‘Welgamu Viharaya’ belonging to period of Dabadeniya, we can identify different painting of each period. We can identify the Buddhist paintings in affect of Hindu,as well as paintings and idol. The defensive of Buddhist as  god is in the inside of the mansion. Inside of the mansion there are “Veshnu” and “Katharagama” idols.This Tampeta Viharaya was built using bamboo tree, reed, Waraniya cane, jaggery palm rafter and using bepenthes distilatoria add ‘Hobas mati ’, sand, mixed with molasses then parge and wattle. According to this raw materials this walls are so strong and well made. There are beautiful paintings in this wall. Among this painting there “Darmapala Jathakaya”,”Kanda Jathkaya” such as those stories are viewed here. The wall which those paintings are draw it is in 22 inch with strong thickness.

                  In this temple lots of antiquities in here but there are no any safety.The paintings are in the temple are become discolored and chip the paintings. It is distress thing.


               This area was full of wild area and this ‘Mabotuwana’ village was capture of Portuguese, Dutch and British people. But  this “Welgamu Tampeta Viharaya” is luck to without any ascendency  of those invaders. This “Welgamu Tampeta Viharaya” is the biggest Tampeta Viharaya is in North province and this Rajamaha Viharaya is very special temple.

  • Welgama, Sri Lanka

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