The archaeological and historical heritage of Samanabadda Purana Rajamaha Viharaya

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               Among the temple is in Kalaniya valley this “Samanabadda” is  reveal historical details about this Buddhist temple. This temple is situated across the Sethawaka bride in Hanwalla  town and go Malwana road there is “Samanabadda Viharaya” in right side of the road.


                There are many legends about this temple. The 12 arahant who was come from Sadagiri Pauwa in Mihintalaya to this area and take a rest in here it become “Grama Badda”. Later it become “Samanabadda” note in legend. This news is note in historical pali treatise named “Rasawahini”. This story is note in treatise named “Samana Gamini Wasthuwa”. The Sinhala translate of this note in “Sadhdarmalankaraya”. The historical stories about this temple were belonging to the king “Wasaba”. It’s belonging to first century.


              This temple land has area with six acre, there are  “Darma Salawa”, monastery and large beautiful samadhi statue. This temple is in below of the Kalaniya stream and this area is being subject to flood in every year. There are many crypts situated in here. And also there is a inscription. the one of the  inscription, stone say about the lake. But there are no any mark for it. This temple was destroyed because of the molestation for monk in period of king”Sethawaka Rajasingha”. In recent this temple is become a temple again.


              There was a factor about “Tampita Viharaya” belonging to period of Kandy was in “Samanabadda Viharaya”. We can prove it the stone towers is near the monastery and the debris moonstone.


              This “Samanabadda Viharaya” is the valuable historical place is in Kalaniya.

  • Hanwella, Sri Lanka

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