The archaeological and historical heritage of Udurawana Ramaraja Viharaya

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Udurawana Ramaraja Viharaya

                     This “Ramaraja Viharaya” is located in Central province, Kandy Pahatha Dumbara Pallegampahe “Koralaye” middle of the “Udurawana”  villages.

                    To search the history about this temple, this was belonging to period of Gampola. According to legends this  “Ramaraja Viharaya” was built the queen “Henakada Beso Bandara” who was the wife the king IV “Buwanekabaho” in Gampola kingdom. This temple belonging to period of Gampola in the track of the features of the temple without have any written evidence .There was characteristics of a temple before the period of Gampola kingdom .in middle of the “Udurawana” village area there a place named “Banage Muduna”. But today there no any “Bana Geya”. But there factors about there was a temple. We can see the big rock was roll on to that temple. Today we can see many debris bricks and tiles scattered on this area.This bricks are very big and also there a symbol of the bo-leaves. According to legends they can found a small metallic buddha image from here.

                         The king IV “Buwanekabaho” who was lived with his wife named “Beso Bandara Devi” who felt in illness so they swaped “Wattaramwaththa”  palace with his crowd situated in Udurawana village. Today this  “Wattaramwaththa”  is named as “Wal Arabawaththa”. in this manner this queen was play of pearl (Olida keliya)with her crowd. But when she was get well she hide the stone pearl board in the fields when her return to the kingdom. The people are in this area called this field as “muthukeliyawa”. This “Ramaraja Viharaya” was built in the time of the queen who was stay in “Wattaramwaththa”  palace.

                         The monk who was lived in a crypt at one's feet of the “Honnasgiri ”mountain in “Udurawana Viharaya” In past. The monk who was meditate atop of the “Udurawana Banage”. This “Ramaraja Viharaya” is belonging to phase of “Asgiri”. Belonging to phase of “Asgiri” a few of  monk was lived in here.


                       The period of foreign attack in “Kanda Udarata”, this “Ramaraja Viharaya” was destroyed by Portuguese. This is note in synchronic palm leaf book. When  Portuguese was try to broke the door of the temple the wasp are come. They run towards to bodhi tree to protect the wasp they fight each other and die. According to palm leaf book  this bodhi tree was also known as “Narath Kapu Bodhiya”.The king “Senarath ” was plant a bodhi tree in the area named “Veharewaththa” situated in  “Ramaraja Viharaya” and also built a tope. But in 1883 year this bodhi tree was damaged. According to Mr. Lorry‘s gazette, later the monk get together and plat another bodhi tree in that year. In today there are age-old shrine, age-old bodhi tree and age-old cairn in here.

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