The archaeological and historical heritage of Udurawala Purana Viharaya

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                      Among the Buddhist temple is in Kandy, this temple is situated in Kandy district Harispaththuwa “Bada Kulu” village in “Udurawala” area. We can meet this temple when go from Katogasthota to across Ranawana and go 1 ½ mile for Madawela road and turn left side we can meet this place.

                      The History about this “Uduwawala Viharaya” was belonging to period of king II “Rajasingha”. This was gave a land and “Karaduwa” for this temple. the details about this temple note in lorry’s book. As well as  a land was gave to this temple as a “Thudupatha” in 1623. This temple was transfer in three places, firstly it transfer into “Purana Kanda”, later it transfer in to Polwaththa area and finaly it is transfer in to current place.

                  The elements of this temple are archaic temple, bodhi tree, caion, bell pillar and hermitage. There is a reclining image bellow the dragon pandol in the shrine room. And also there are paintings in the roof and the walls. There was  a statue made by metal and a big brass “Karaduwa” the king II “Rajasingha” who was gave to this temple which it was in “Kande Viharaya”. Among the paintings there are figure of gods ,”Wessanthara Jathakaya”, “Suvesivewaranaya”,  “Dewaradanawa” and flower patterns  as a roof painting. In front of the temple there is a moonstone belonging to period of Kandy. There are two Crows and flower tree engrave in here.  The shape of it is the conical in presence.

              The bodhi tree was fairly older and near the rock is a symbol of Sri Lanka. There are boundty wall around the bodhi tree. there was a fane in the compound of caion in past. This caion was built in 1953.


          This “Uduwawala Viharaya” is the historical place attention for the devotees who are visit in Kandy.

  • Udurawana, Sri Lanka

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