The archaeological and historical heritage of Talagama Rajamaha Viharaya

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                     This “Talagama Rajamaha Viharaya” was brought lots of historical news from 2nd century. This temple is situated in  Abepussa Geriulla town. There are two routes for come here. Colombo-Kandy road in Warakapola town to Geriulla  we can meet this place. And also come by train and flow in Abepussa across keenadeniya we can advene here.


                       This temple is located in big boulder locality in 500 feet high. when enter the temple you should climb the hundred stairs. There are  stairs as “Mahagiridaba”. Search the  details about “Talagama Rajamaha Viharaya” was belonging to king “Walagamba”. There is inscription about these details  in here. and also there are many legend about these. King “Walagamba” was organized his army and use this place for safety. We can guess it for nature of this place. And also Chola was come to this village for search this king. In that time a commander named “Aba” and collect the Sinhala army and chase away this Chola army. In that reason this area become “Talagama”. As well as there are village named “Masuran Puraya” near to this temple. it was the place which king “Walagamba” treasury. There is a hoof of the horse symbol in a rock. There are stone towers and stone pillar cap all around this rock and also there is a pond like as a stone basin the king who was bath. The village people is said water in this pond was never dry.


                         The special thing is in “Talagama Rajamaha Viharaya” is there are a subway start in one side and end it other side. And also there are sacred foot symbol in corner of the rock. The shrine room was built in foot of the temple. There is a bodhi tree with full of miracle near it. There is a fane “Veshnu” the village people who is worship respect and honor.


                         The caion is in “Talagama Rajamaha Viharaya” is located in top of the rock. The specialty of this caion is,it design llike as “Sanchi stupa” in India. This “Talagama Rajamaha Viharaya” is very special place among the temple is in Sri Lanka.



  • Giriulla, Sri Lanka

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