The archaeological and historical heritage of Maddepola Rajamaha Viharaya

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                      Weramune Sri Sundararamaya, was known as Sundararama Rajamaha Viharaya in past, it is called “Maddepola Pansala” in today.This “Maddepola Rajamaha Viharaya” also known as “Muni vehere” in past. We can identify this place was belonging to Christian anterior period and this is full of the valuable art tradition.


                       When we come to this “Madhdepola Rajamaha Viharaya” come to Kurunagala-Migamuwa road and enter the Giriulla town. This temple belonging to Kurunagala District. Most of leading people and scholar said this temple was belonging to 2nd century. Because the inscription was wrote in brahmi character in the cauldron. This crypt temple was built “Sudaththa Himi” with his force and agve to the monk note in that inscription. and also the time period of king “Walagamba” this crypt temple was full of temple features note in legend. And later this temple was reconstruction in period of “Dabadeniya” the king “Parakkrmabaho” (c:e 1236-1270). In period of Kandy in the “Kerthi Sri Rajasingha” (c: e 1747-1782) this temple was lighting again. This king reconstruction the temple and built a big “Sathapena Pilimaya” and design  the paintings belonging to period of Kandy. Later the “Ginigath Pitiye Sri Sangarakkitha Himi” who was the student of the Walivita “Asarana Saranankara Sangaraja Himi” adds to the energy for this temple.


                      In many time this temple was reconstruction in 1917.the veranda was in front of the crypt was add to this time. In that period the new temple and the old temple are reconstructed.  The spatiality of this “Madhdepola Viharaya” is the style of the paintings draw in after-ward. Study about “Ajantha”, “Polonnaruwa” and ”Anuradhapuraya” art tradition Mr. Soliyas Mendis was draw the painting in the “Madapola” temple with style of hereditary for itself. These paintings are drawing on the paintings which were draw in period of Kandy. Among these painting there are “Suthsoma” ,”Wessanthara” ,”Lomahansa” and ”Dahamsoda” stories are draw in here. The roof was full of “Dewa Rupa”. According to idea of scholar there are three styles of art tradition.


                      The Stupa is the special thing of this “Madhdepola Viharaya”. The stupa, bell-shaped.there a cottage of the shrine.  The wall is in here full of paintings. The artist Mr. Soliyas Mendis  was influence of euro and paintings in old temple and veranda of the temple. But in today these paintings are destroyed. The cement which the paintings are drawing it is chip. The paintings are change colour. In “Kalaniya” temple paintings are similar to this temple.



  • Giriulla, Sri Lanka

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