The archaeological and historical heritage of Somawathi Cairn

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Information  about  somawathiee cairn have been revealed by  historical books like as  Palidhatuwansaya,Sinhaladhatuwansaya,Jinakalamaliniya, and ruins and inscriptions invented by  archeological  explorations.


Sri lanka  had  directed into three parts as ruhunu, maya, pihiti and ruler of magama was king  Kawanthissa. His sister Somawathiee devi got married to Abhaya kumaru who was son in law of king Siva at Kelaniya and they lived in Giri nuwara .After arrival of king Dutugamunu ,Prince Abhaya left giri colony with Dutugamunu and  went to Seruwavila where king siva   stayed. He gave them a colony as a gift near to Mahavali river. They made a kingdom and controlled it.

After that soma devi suggested to build a tope and  temple to worship. King Giri Abahaya  agreed it and he arranged to build a tope and temple in a beautiful sal garden in which  60 arahath were lived there.

They requested Mahinda thero for relics to be despotion at tope. Mahinda  maha thero  gave them a south tooth relic, King  deep rooted south tooth relic and made a temple and named as his wife name Somawathie temple. Then offered  to Mahinda  thero  and  other 60 arahath and king made other temples arrounding it. Five image temple named Soma and four temples at the four sides were situated .Another temple was left to the main gate in north. Pohoyageya called maniagiya 60 monasteries, walking compound, ponds any other units of temples were there .All these were clear according to archeological facts and chronicles.

According to folklore Somawathiee tope was consisted in east ruhuna place to mahaweli  river. But now  it is connected to central north region. Away from ½ mile to Mahaweli river.

Archaeological facts revealed that it had happened due to ageing of time  flowing  river   differently .The currently road to tope is on along the past mahaweli river. It is showed that sandy plain and ancient kubuk trees. Today it is owned to  Thamankaduwa region in polonnaruwa district. According to mode of characters in inscription, language type, grammer, bricks in walls, moonstones, stone towers somawathie cairn was 2100 years old.


Inscriptions surrounding cairn


There are eight inscriptions at Somawathie cairn. Two of them are nearly cairn. Other six inscriptions are near to Somawathie tope and nearly on the way to cairn. and can see the the long stone which Eric swan, a photograph who wes died in attack by elephant.

  • Trincomalee, Sri Lanka

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