The archaeological and historical heritage of Sellawali Rajamaha Viharaya

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                     This temple is situated in Kandy district Harispaththuwa division  belonging to Pallegama area, go Kandy to Guhagoda road turn Guhagoda junction and go 2kms, this is in meddle of the large paddy-field. there are old road from Kurunagala to Kandy near for this temple. there are “Des dena” doss house existing thenear road. The temple among stretch in Katogastota, Guhagoda area this “Sellawali Viharaya” Is the historical Buddhist temple. according to details about this temple we can know antiqueness and valuable without showing antiqueness in outlook of this temple. This “Sellawali Viharaya” belonging to “Asgiri” chapter and history about this temple was belonging to period of king I “Wemaladarmasuriya” (c: e 1591-1604). There was a grant which the king was give land to this temple lay up here. That grant was gave him in 1519 alias in 1597 year. According to grant this “Sellawali” village was a “Patonu” village. The “Patonu” village is a business village. In the legend there are forma of how the name “Sellawali” was created. There are a wall around as a stone covering the temple. in that reason “Sell”+ “Awaliya”, become “Sellawali”. this temple is also called as “Welamada Pansala”.

                          We can divided this temple in too many elements, there are the old “Sellawali Viharaya”, “Aluth Viharaya”, bodhi tree, Greek note, shrine and monastery. The old “Sellawali Viharaya” is full of industries make of stone. It is small in size but it increase valuable of this temple. This temple is similar to “Palkubure Viharaya”. Without the small temple door they never use wood. The temple like as a stone box. When enter to this temple you should go small door frame. There is a reclining image belonging to period of Kandy in here. The roof of the temple full of lotus design with red background. The bottom of the wall there are “Saman” and “Vishnu” gods’ figures draw in here. In morning of this temple was in sporadically too after-ward there are building built around the temple. This small temple was built a queen named “Sadapati”. But there are no any details about queen “Sadapati” in period of Kandy. Most of people think this queen who was the queen of king “Wemaladarmasuriya”.


                             The second element of this “Sellawali Viharaya” was design in 1820 year note in “Thudu patha” in temple. This temple was built on the 3 feet foot-chain. There a reclining image on the “Naga Daranaya”. There are small “Hiti Pilimaya” In double sided. And also there god “Vishnu” and “Saman”  figure. There are painting draw in here. Among those thing, there are “Wessanthara Jathakaya”, “Solosmasthana”, “Sathsatiya” and ”Suvesivewaranaya”. In the roof there is round flower design. They use black, red and white for paintings.


                            There are many historical valuable palm leaf books in this “Sellawali Viharaya”. Among these books there lots of historical books in here. These palm leaf books has paintings of “Kamba” belonging to period of Kandy. This “Sellawali Viharaya” is the valuable place for Buddhist people.



  • Pallegama, Sri Lanka

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