The archaeological and historical heritage of SELLAWALI RAJA MAHA VIHARA-HARISPATTUWA



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Jayanthi Mawatha at Peradeniy



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1592 A.D

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 It can be proved by the ambalama (inn) at the end of the paddy fields close to the vihara. It is to be seen even today. Not only that but also this village has been recorded as a Patunu-Gama (Goods have been exchanged and sent here and there).It says that this Rajamaha Vihara has been built by a Queen called ‘Sandapathi’. It should be at the time of Gampola Kingdom before King Vimaladharmasuriya – 1592 A.D. Also the village Halloluwa , where the vihara had been called as ‘Sellawaliya’ in early days. It says that the vihara is belonged to an early period. As it is seen today at first the avasage can be met. The old hermitage has dismantled before 50 years and the new avasage has been built. Above the avasage, other sacred buildings are situated. Amongst them the old viharage takes an important place. The front section of the vihara is a half-walled porch. At the end of the porch one can be able to enter to a room with fully built walls. In the middle of the room, there is a shrine completely erected by stones according to the early structural plan of the Gedige. In side of this shrine divided two parts. The front part is smaller, while the back side is a larger cella (Garbha). 

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In the room mainly is a sedent image of Buddha under the hood of the cobra. On either side is two standing images. Images of Gods Vishnu and Saman are to be seen beside. Another few images of Buddha with colourful painting are on either side of the main images of Buddha 

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