The archaeological and historical heritage of Matiyagane Mayurawathi Rajamaha Viharaya

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              In Kurunagala district there are many temples situated in here. Among these this “Matigane Mayurawathi Rajamaha Viharaya” is the historical valuable place.


              This temple is situated in Narammala divisional secretary area in 2 mile of the capital of the Dabadeniya and 16 mile near the Kurunagala town. This temple area spread 15 acre with ruins and the reason of that this area is the historical valuable place. Search history about this “Matigane Mayurawathi Rajamaha Viharaya” this belonging to period of human statement start in Sri Lanka with agriculture. The main factor of that are ruins of the villages and tanks. And also there are group of crypts spread in here, we can guess It was built the people in prehistoric. But there are no any archaeological research such afar.


               According to scholar’s idea the inscription of the temple rock belonging to c: e 1-3 time periods. This inscription notes “Mativiharana Pata”.  The village people think this “Mathi Viharaya” “Mati Viharaya” become “Matiyagane”. This “Mayurawathi Viharaya” is the crypt temple. There are nine crypts with cauldron in this area. The biggest crypt was used for the shrine. The right side of the shrine there is a fane. That fane was built for the god “Bandara”. The inscription is in north-east of the shrine. There is an age-old caion in this temple. Near the inscription there is hilly land. That hilly land was use for the caion.  The thieves were grasping this place.


              The temple building belonging to “Mayurawathi Rajamaha Viharaya”  was old 125 years. It is consisting of wattle walls. The four boroughs are belonging to this “Matigane Viharaya”. Videlicet “Matigane”, “Veere”, ”Wauda” and “Ireyagolla”.  And also the Portuguese was note about this “Matigane” area.


             This “Matigane Mayurawathi Rajamaha Viharaya” relation from the period of Anuradhapuraya is the valuable Buddhist temple is in Kurunagala district.




  • Narammala, Sri Lanka

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