The archaeological and historical heritage of Historical Geriguharama Rajamaha Viharaya

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Historical Geriguharama Rajamaha Viharaya

              In Sri Lanka lots of temple is in every district was design by king or queen. There are many temples is in north-west province among these temples.


                This “Geriguharama Viharaya” is situated in Kurunagala, Meegamuwa main road near the Narammala town and this temple also called “Rukimal Viharaya”. This temple is the important temple among other temple is in  north-west province. This temple is in top of the Ben. It is 400 feet high. Also today we should enter this temple by using this craggy route design those days. There is a big crypt with 1500 square foot is in below of the compound. There are five crypts is in wild area of the temple. This place used as a sylvan for meditation the monk. Aloft the compound there is a bodhi tree old 800 years.


                The small shrine room is in hollow of the rock belonging to period of Kandy. This is belonging to period of Kandy because of wood carving in inside of the shrine room. There are stone door frame and strong wooden door in here. In this shrine room there are reclining image and the painting belonging to period of Kandy. In the roof there is lotus designed. Near the shrine room there is a large bowl made by clay. It used for “Agasas” alms-giving  in past note by legends. Other crypt is in near the shrine room allot for the “Pathtini” fane. Today it is limited ruins, stone towers, this fane was built the king “Sri Veera Parakkrama Narendrasingha”.  In this fane there are “Udaliyapothe  bodhisatta” figure and deistic figure. In later this fane  is reconstruction by “Meegasthanne Adekaram”.


                There are evidences about this “Geriguharama Viharaya” has many buildings. Among these there evidences it was a”Tampita Viharaya”. According to scholar idea there was a hummock name “Gatakanda” was the caion in past. The evidences of archaeological this temple was heritable belonging to last period of Polonnaruwa to Dabadeniya period.


  • Narammala, Sri Lanka

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