The archaeological and historical heritage of Kulugammana Rajamaha Viharaya

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                     In presently  this “Kulugammana Rajamaha Viharaya” belonging to phratry of Malwathu Maha Viharaya and this is belonging to Kandy district Harispaththuwa , Kulugammana Seyapaththuwa in Kulugammana area. When come Katugasthota to Gohagoda road across   Haloluwa  road then can enter the Kulugammana road and also when come Malagammana road we can enter the this temple.

                    According to Legend about this historical place “Kulugammana Rajamaha Viharaya” belonging to period of Gampola in king IV “Buwanekabaho” (c:e 1341-1351).But this area was human settlement in before those years.The best example is in the Brahmi  inscription about the Dulwala area. The period of Gampola the area of this temple was named  “Kulugammana Nuwara”. This is note in “Sellawali” grant. As well as the  Senkadagala road in Sathkoralaya through the Kulugammana, the evidence of this still there are a  doss house. There details about the god named “Sadapathi” who lived in here. However this temple has history in period of Kandy. But from time to time this place change so we can’t see the original attribute. But at first there are a Tampeta Viharaya was in this area. But now there are no any evidence about that.

                  According to legend  this is known as  “Kulugammana” because of the mountain are around this area. There are every features are in “Kulugammana Rajamaha Viharaya”  situated in same area. the temple is in the top of the rock. The temple consist of two parts. There a shrine with “Sathapena pelimaya” backword of the front temple. There are two stone towers with pillar cap. Mr. Lori was note about this temple in gasat paper. There are main stone door frame in front of the temple. Outside of the temple there are paintings. In right side of the wall there are “Wessanthara Jathakaya” is draw in here. This paintings shows the culture in the period of Kandy. In front of the temple there are “Dewaradanawa” draw in the roof. Inside of this temple there are reclining image. it is under the whale pandal. Inside of the temple there are “Suvesi vewaranaya” is draw in here. There “Saman” and “Veshnu” idol driveaway in here.The temple is behind built presently. Draw “Sath Satiya” in the wall. bellow of that there “Dasa Bosathun” are draw in here. it is label who was this. Draw “Gambara deviyo” and flower pattern on the roof also paint in here.


                      In front of the temple there are caion and  the bell.West side of the temple there are bodhi tree. The people who research the information about the historical places ,this “Kulugammana Viharay” also important to them.

  • Kulugammana, Sri Lanka

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