The archaeological and historical heritage of Malagammana Rajamaha Viharaya

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                  Among the kingdom in Kanda udarata this “Malagammana Rajamaha Viharaya” is valuable place. this temple is situated in Kandy district Harispaththuwa in Kulugammana Seyapaththuwe Malagammana area. When enter this temple go Katugastita, Galagedara road go nearby the “Tiththappajala” bodhi and goby Nugawela Maha Vidyalaya.


                   According to historical details about this temple was built in period of king 5th “Buwanekabaho”.  The king’s wife’s necklace was layup in here, so it become “Malagammana” note by legend. And also there is a paddy-field shape of necklace and it has this name. According to Mr. Lorry’s note there are large land  like as 15 embankments.


                    This “Malagammana  Viharaya” was a “Tampita Viharaya” in past. But it was destroyed in 1818 tumult.  There is a statue made by sandalwood in this temple. in today it is layup in the new shrine. According to Mr. Lorry’s note  this “Tampita Viharaya” was built in 1651 year. The new shrine was built Mr.M.B.Nugawela who was the “Rate Mahaththaya”. There is a inscription about including  these details. There are many shrines in here. We can see a dragon pandal under the “Hidi Pilimaya” in the first shrine. Inside of the temple there are birth of the mustard, renunciation of household life,”Mara Parajaya” and the place of pass away draw in here and the roof is design with flower patterns. The second temple also has a dragon pandal under the “Hidi Pilimaya” and the two of “Hiti Pilima” in double side in here. Not only that there is idol “Katharagama” and “Veshnu” gods. There is “Suvesivewaranaya” painted in here. And also there are “Veyaman Nawanari Kungaraya” and the god invited to load Buddha to become enlightenment draw in here.


Drawing the “Jathakakatha” is the common thing of the temple. in its train this “Malagammana Rajamaha Viharaya” has “Thelapaththa Jathakaya”, “Sama Jathakaya”and ”Kattahari Jathakaya” draw in here. And also there is painting about blazes. There are large stone towers around this temple. those are vested for old temple. There is bodhi tree with beautiful parapet. According to these details this “Malagammana Rajamaha Viharaya” belonging to period of Kandy and this is the historical valuable temple.


  • Kulugammana, Sri Lanka

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