The archaeological and historical heritage of Kala Dabulu Len Viharaya

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                        This “Kala Dabulu Viharaya” is situated in Kenigoda Koralaye Madde Madeliya Paththuwe. When enter this temple there are 350 stairs. We can meet this when go  Rabukkana  to Dobemada across  to Kurunagala road then go Udalagas and turn right side, after the climb this stairs you can enter this temple.


                        This small “Dabulu Len  Viharaya” was famous not only the aging. There a big “Sathapena Pilimaya” and it is 11 ½ feet tall and 48 feet long. The sacred foot was 7 feet.


                          According to history about this temple was designed by king “Walagamba”. He was hide in Mathuwela area not far to “Salgala” note in “Mahawanshaya”. According to legend the king who was hide in this temple ever and anon. the king built a tank below this temple when the time he was arrange his army. The place which was the tank named “Wawathanna”. This tank is use in today. In later the king IV “Buwanekabaho” (c:e 1341-1351)in Gampola kingdom was built another temple in here. But he can’t complete the work on his time period and later the order of the  “Leuke  maha Adikaram” who was control the everywhere in period of Kandy the “Dewaragampola Selwath thna” was completed the temple.


                           Among the big “Sathapena Pilimaya” there are “Vishnu” idol and “Sariyuth Mugalan” idol is in here. And also there are statue and painting of “Leuke  Adikaram” who was dominant this temple. Top of the crypt temple there are painting of sacred foot. Among the paintings on the wall there are “Perahara” ,”Dagabha” and Bodhi tree.


                          This “Kala Dabulu Viharaya” named as a archaeological monument. But now the painting and the cement is chip and destroyed. The people in period of Anuradhapura there are many attention for these temple in “Sathara Koralaya”. Meanwhile this “Kala Dabulu Viharaya” also a valuable place.



  • Rambukkana, Sri Lanka

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