The archaeological and historical heritage of Kadegamuwa Nagawanaramaya

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                      Among the area of human settlement, in Galbada canton “Cheththura pabbatha” (Alagagalla) is famous area. This county named as “Shailagarabha” in past.Among the temple in this “Shailagarabha“county this “Kadegamuwa Nagawanarama” is oldest temple in here. This temple is situated in  Rabukkan-Mawanalla road and go 3 miles, then turn right side  nearby “Kadegamuwa” market and go ½ mile in sub road we can meet this temple.

                     Searching the historical details about this temple it was belonging to initial period of 4th century. According to old letter via reveal it was belonging to period of king “Wathhimi Buwanekabaho” the monk ”Dhammananda” who was  come from ‘Kanchi Puraya’ and worship the tooth relic and repair this  “Kadegamuwa Nagawanarama” temple  and lived in here. We can get Clear idea because of note he was repair this temple and lived here, so this temple was belonging to previous period in Kurunagala period. It was note in “Vihara Asnaya”.


                    The monk “Dhammananda” was built the ‘Tampita Viharaya’ occur in present. Later this temple was became decadence and the king II “Wemaladarmasuriya” was repair it. And also the elder monk “Upali” leading the “Dharmajothi himi” who was bring ordination from priesthood and who come from Siam was reconstruction this place  note by the palm leaf book in here. 

  • Rambukkana, Sri Lanka

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