The archaeological and historical heritage of The Higgins Art Gallery & Museum

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Nearest Land Mark :    
Museum type :Art Gallery    
Established in:1949 (Cecil Higgins Museum), 1960 (Bedford Museum), 2005 (Cecil Higgins Art Gallery & Museum) 2012 (The Higgins Art Gallery & Museum, Bedford)    
Opend By:    
Managed By :Bedford Borough Council and the Trustees of the Cecil Higgins Collection.    
Aim :    
Entrance Fees (Local):    
Entrance Fees (Foreign):    
Open on :    
Visiting Hours :    
Display Objects :    
Description :This is the main art gallery and museum in Bedfordshire    
Things to Buy:    
Contact Address:Castle Lane, Bedford, Bedfordshire, England    
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Email :    
History of Museum :    
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  • Bedfordshire, United Kingdom

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