The archaeological and historical heritage of Tanbalagollava Rock Inscription

Tanbalagollava Rock Inscription

Tanbalagollava Rock Inscription

Three inscriptions were found in the Tambalagollava Temple, one of the best temples found in the NCP. This is situated about half a mile from Vevelkatiya which is on the 11th mile post on the Medavacchiya -Horavapatana Road. On a rock on the boundary of the temple is inscribed in the script about the 2 Cent AD. The inscription on the rock is read as

                Savinagana ha Mage    Read as    Road to Savingana.

Another  fragment of rock was found near the present Bana Maduva which reads as “ …the monastery of King Gamini Abaya…”. Paranavitane has identified the Kings as Gajabahu I[173-195 AD ].

This is 1000 years earlier than Nissankamalle[ end of 11 Cent AD Gautava pillars] he placed every 3 1/2 miles approx. Some were still seen during our jungle training march along the old salt road in 1963.

  • Horowupotana, Sri Lanka

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