The archaeological and historical heritage of Sigiriya

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Sigiriya Annals

Mihindu  maha thero and  Sangamith bikkunee came to Srilanka in time  period  of  king  Devanampiyathissa..They gave  Buddhism  and knowledge  of techniques,arts  and good  procedures. After arriving them knowledge and techniques were developed more  than the  techniques of king  Pandukabaya  time period.Our ancestors consisted of peace of mind and  well disciplined characters on the influence of Buddhism.Sigiriya is a symbol of great techniques of our sunshine and other natural calamities.But looking for world on pride and be the eighth wonder of the world.








The prince Dhathusena who descended from Maurya  ancestry and qualified to throne  of  Srilanka  got priest and be a noivic  in the  time period of Indian invader ‘’pandu’’. The prince educated well in arts,technology,humanity and appointed as a king after routing tamils in ce 459.After blocking  ‘’kala brooke’’  he built ‘’Kala tanks’’  which was the most special  creation of the greatest king.  ‘’Jaya ganga’’ or ‘’Yodha ela’’ which is bringing water from kala tank to ‘’Tisawewa’’  is the  greatest  creation  of our irrigation experts.It shows their  talents to the world.The  “Awukana” Buddhist  was built by king Dhathusena.It was a  world  famous  heritage and a dowry given to Srilankan  in  kingstime.


King Dhathusena had two queens.The prince Kashyapa was a  son of second queen.Moggallana son and one daughter were to late queen.She was married Migara commander who was son of king Dhathusena’s sister.The  Migara did a injustice to his wife and king  got angry with Migara as a punishment king Dhathusena nude her sister and killed burning.It was the historical story.

For retaliation Migara was made very good friendships with Kashyapa.Migara said to Kashyapa that king Dhathusena had hidden a large wealth in’’ kalaa’’ lake to give Muggalan and he  was appointed as a king after his fathers death.Then Kashayapa was cracked to king Dhathusena.According to that incident he stripped regime and  arrested the king in the circumstance of coact to show the place of hoard.King Dhathusena said that his wealth was in ‘’kalaa  oya’’.He was brought to ‘’kalaa  oya ‘’ then he got some water and said that ‘’this was my only worth’’.Migara commander put on king on the wall and  hit the clay to kill king.He did for it to retaliate her mother’s death.Then Migara  left to india.

The people and monks had got angry with Kashyapa about  death of king. Kashyapa  thought about coldwar coming from prince Mugalan.He decided to change kingdom.He choosed sigiriya as a kingdom of him .He  had ruled 18  years since ce 477 to 495.In this period create sigiriya.











The  historical background  of sigiriya region was expanded to pre-historical era. Lot of factors was found by archeologist to confirm this.Tools,animal remainders were human  activities in pre- historical era.They were found in researches of ‘’pidurangala’’ and  ‘’ kirioya’’.clay pots  and  pebbles were found in old cemeteries.These cemeteries were situated near to the sigiriya places of ‘’Ibbankulama’’ ,’’rotawewa’’.

Fast era people and afterward monks were used natural caves for their shelters.These caves arranged by people and it confirmed that the description  of caves  written in branches characters.Wessagiri monastery in Anuradhapura and accumulation of caves  with cauldren   in Mihinthalaya were confirmed to cover caves and wall remainders could be seen at these places according to that archiologist had decuced sigiriya had settlements before king Kashyapa era .

Walls,water gullies water gardens,places and other buildings were arranged  as a city of arts in a 4m2 of region.It showed creativity and greatest talent about planning cities by ancients.Archiologist started that sigiriya was a well secured city in south asian.The creations of this belived as a development of construction of preparing ‘’Mahamewna Uyana’’ and other creations in Anuradhapura.’’Ranmasu Uyana ‘’ situated near to ‘’Tisa wewa’’in Anuradhapura which include water ponds and water supply system and ponds which made in stones were same to this creations.This idea was confirmed the the specification in controlling method od water and matching water with environment.It had a large tank water way system and semi cities and  settlements under ground the Buddhist temples and fort of  Mapagala.It was owned o dry zone agricultural diffusion and revealed ancient information about their rural life method.Archiologist facts revealed that people lived theire before the sigiriya creations.





Sigiriya New Town

Sigiriya new town is situated away from 10 km inamaluwa junction .when you go to visit sigiriya you have to stop vehicles in new town.You can come here on the way Dambulla- Habarana road.Turn to left at inamaluwa junction and go ahead. Then you turn to left at the ‘’Kibissa’’ junction.When come to new town attractive seens can be seen on he top of trees.Nearly one kilometer is from here to ancient sigiriya town.First can meet medicine park.Annoying  medicine plants and uncommon plants are grown after starting reconstructions of sigiriya by the central cultural fund.

Passing medicine park and conduit can be seen Senarath Paranavithana statue in the south side.Archiological meuseam is near on this side.Then meet large ancient brick wall named ‘’Mada Pawura’’.now can reach insude conduit.Then  enter on small bridge and can visit sigiriya.













Water Park

Entering  the water park and walk few yards can see micro water park.located in south side parallel to interior bulwark.This  pond is too long and  less width.It  is consisted with  water sports  pavilion pond and water ways.It is very  beautiful water park  and  consisted with five parts.These  ponds are fleat and set to slow down water.It’s  bottom is configured with limestone base.These constructions were  on  several occasions.It was planned  to build in three and four centuries. But  abandoned  and  reconstruct  in 10  and 13  centuries.It was the archiological facts.How wonder that water managing system for these ponds.These systems of ponds which built regularly  and nicely were filled with water and flooded regularly.When fulfilled water were flowing made cold beauty and significancy.In the creation of sigiriya 95 ponds were there.It caused to kept cool, beauty happiness  and environment protection in the city.When passing micro water park  going  ahead few yards can be  seen two ponds which are  ‘’L’’ shaped and they are on the south side of  road  and reconstruct. There are another two  ponds which  situated  on the left side and non excavated  and non conserved  for equality and  attaractions of sigiriya  planning all  ponds are made on a geometrical mode.Two lengthy shaped  ponds on the roadside.They also were used to collect water.










   Water  Flowers

Water  flowers are surprised creation. After piercing flat granite  water flowers were  created.These flowers are operated when water has been  fulfilled in conduit which is the surrounded the south cold place.When octanogal ponds are filled with water .Water flowers  are operated.Its operation is occurred water due to natural water  preasure.Cool  palace is situated  in the higher land of  south side .It is called  as summer  palace.A conserved conduit is surrounded  it.The ruins of a cool  palace  are on the  top   of mountain  to the  leftside.A  screen could be seen in south  side like a sandroad.Which is used to flow water  in the  other compound.Octangal  pond is on the left side and small pond is on the southside could be seen.















Monastery Complex

The monks  had lived in this area which had religious buildings and caves, since bc third centuary.It had a tranquil  environment .The ruins of small stupa  in south side and resides of ‘’bhodhigara’’ and image house  connected  infront of south side of cave could be seen there.When  passing B8 cave ( Daraniyagala cave)  was met.It was a bikkus monastery.The kings council pavilion is located in south side of rock .It had made properly.Another small  pond was built near the high stone board.A  lane to south which was among the two rocks  spread to monastery and to snakefoam cave.There was a well arranged stone board in a one of were drawn in monastery and also a picture of small Buddhist picture in here.Snakefoam cave was at the south side.It looked like a snake foam so that it was named as passing king’s council stayed in main road there was a iron bridge. When  walking on iron bridge at the end of it  mirror wall was located.After walking few steps among  mirror wall a circulled  stare case can be met at the end of it everyone could see the world famous arts of sigiriya paintings.  











Sigiriya  Wall Paintings

Sigiriya wall paintings were caused to  world famous sigiriya.Many paintings were  drew in west  part of the rock  paintings parts and parts of plaster were given evidence for it.These paintings were old nearly 1500 years but it a wonder that these paintings were secured from rain,sunshine,wind,birds,and small insects without any conservation.Specialy paints plasters were caused them.Mainly 22 paintings at the cave.Those all are women.Various ideas were established about them.Somebody defined that they were harem women of  sigiri Kashayapa and princes  going to worship flowers with a servant.The fact that Mr Paranavitharana is these nymph were  ‘’Megalatha’’  and ‘’Wijjulatha’’.golden ladies showed electricity and brown ladies showed clouds.

 Sigiriya Paintings

      Sigiriya Paintings  

Sigiriya Paintings      

Sigiriya Paintings

 Sigiriya Paintings

 Sirigiya Paintings   

Any Facts Of Sigiri Paintings

*Mr. H.C.P  Bell 

   The ladies going to Pidurangala to worship Lord Buddha in ce 1897


* Mr. Senarath Paranavitharana

   Megalatha and Wijjulatha

   Brown ladies  - clouds

  Golden ladies – electricity

*Mr Ananda  Kumaraswami

   Nymph flowing through clouds

*Mr. Benjamin Roland

  Nymphs bringing flowers to  worship

*Mr. Marthin  Wickramasinghe

  Ladies playing in water

*Mr Nandadewa Wijesekara

Disappointed wives after death of king Kashpa

This  is the our own heritage, and be a wonder in world.


Mirror Wall  and Sigiri Songs

After visiting paintings climb top of the rock should go through mirror wall.The road which made to climb the top of sigiriya was  secured  by  this wall.It had been  destroyed for 1300 yards nearly.Later it was conservated. It was named  as due to it’s brightness and glitternes.The plaster which used to build was caused it.

In 6,7,8,9 centuries  the people who came to visit sigiriya had written songs on mirror wall from those songs said that  ancient Srilankan  peoples  characters,desires,wishes and opinions.These songs are a good handrail to enter the past on live.nearly 680 songs were read by Mr.Senarath Paranavitharana,expect few songs all others were written by connoisseur after visiting paintings  all are mentioning about sigiri nymphs.At the end of mirror wall,There was a ‘’steps’’ made by limestone.It was ended in flat land with a lion's leg.


Lions Leg

It is belived that the name sigiriya was used  due to lionleg.(sinhapada)At the earlier conservations done by  archiological department had reconstructed it.But some ruined part had left to view old locations.In the conservation of this place reconstructed bricks.Entering  through using could  lion leg anyone climb top of sigiriya by aids of  starecase with iron fence.climbing  to rock is very difficult  in early excavations, but now it is easy because of this stairs.


Remainders of various building  foundations,water ponds, and parks connected to staircase can be seen from  top of the rock gradually spread to south side.It is nearly  3 acres land. When belly and Adams climbed totop it is surrounded  with trees and shrubs.After  removing trees and mounds excavated the land and then conservated by the archaeological department.It has brought current situation.Genarally a land used for buildings on 12 steps from top of rock.The ruins of main palace of palace complex could be seen here.It is gained incomers hard attention and curiosity.It was (67*37) feet in long and width.other ruined of places were seen there.It had a pond  made by stones.It’s size was (90*68) in long and width.In adition tothem there were others on the top.There was  abrick pond (70*18) feet and  the other pond near to the entrance of top used for water requirements of sigiriya.Two small caves in south corner of Westside and a other cave in north were belived as security rooms.A stone guilter located in west was used to flow water which add to surface in raining time.These water was collected to the ponds located in down.The walla of building were made thickly.So that upper floor was existed.Stone board with stone halls was identified as a dramahall.

Using  Water  For Creating Sigiriya

It is clear that our ancestors who had great ability to create irrigation acts,were used to creat  sigiriya.The special water control method was influenced to water conduit and water parks reqularly and attractively and scientifically.

  • Sigiriya, Sri Lanka
  • Empire/Dynasty: Anuradhapura
  • From 377 BCE - to 1017 AD

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