The archaeological and historical heritage of Seththam Gallena Rajamaha Viharaya

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Seththam Gallena Rajamaha Viharaya

                 This “Seththam Gallena Rajamaha Viharaya” situated in Katuwana divisional secretary area in Rammal Adaveya and this temple belonging to initial period of Anuradhapura. Searching the historical details about this temple there are crypt with cauldron, But there are no any factor of inscription or written evidence.

                  This temple is acrypt.there are two crypt with cauldron and it turn into temple. According to legends king “Walagamba” was construction in here. And also the time of king “Dutugamunu” the soldier name “Labeyawasaba” who lived in this area. The people in Rathmal area who attend day to day wants to the monk still today. The is a celebration in annually this temple. Videlicet there are a kind of ‘Perahara’ on behalf of the god “Rajjuru Bandara” and devil kance.


                  According to written evidences this temple was reconstruction in 1920.the top shrine is full of beautiful paintings. Among these paintings, there are “Dan Perahara” and “Wessanthara Jathakaya” primitive painting painted here. There are ruins about a caion near this temple. According to “Kolawenigama” grant before being the tooth relic to “Delgamuwa Viharaya” it was lay up in this “Seththam Gallena Viharaya”. Among the temple is in south province this historical “Seththam Gallena Viharaya” is belonging to painting style of low country and the ruins since in period of Anuradhapura.

  • Katuwana, Sri Lanka

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