The archaeological and historical heritage of Senanigala Rajamaha Viharaya

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                  There was a big rocky surface which use for camping who was the king “Dutogamunu” went on the way of war. This “Senanigala Rajamaha Viharaya” is related in that rocky surface. This name is use in different popular usage like as “Sena Anigala”, “Henanigala” and “Senanigala”.

                 The ruins pervasive 10-15 acre in large area and this temple is 16 feet high soling bund around this temple. Before the human settlement in Mahawali C zone in 2nd century this temple was clear again. We can enter this temple go Maheyanganaya to Deheyaththakandiya road in Nawamadagama town and go 4kms the road in the left side.

               The big caion has compound of paved with stone slabs, 95 feet long stone home with cauldron, 65 feet high stone lord Buddha idol, the part of broken idols , precipice statue of king “Dutugamunu”, ruins of the buildings, moonstone with only figure of elephants, big balustrade, guard stone and 22 epigraph in here. And also there is a pond “Naga”. There is a symbol of snake engrave in this pond. The special thing is in this pond is there is a bodhi-ghara. There is indicia of this place crop interpose a house with a roof.


                The details about this temple note in old chronicles. This place named as “Heenagala”. There was an inscription belonging to period of III king “Udara”. For the present the department of archaeological is repair the ramshackle mansion. The Sri Lankan people has little knowledge about this temple. So the people who like to know about ruins,this place is valuable for those people.

  • Mahiyangana, Sri Lanka

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