The archaeological and historical heritage of Seetha kanda Aranya Senasanaya

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Seetha kanda Aranya Senasanaya

                    This archaeological place is situated in  Monaragala district , towards1 mile of Monaragala town. Nearby Monaragala bus stop there pathway gone unto Kumara Waththa, nearby rubber store there are a rivulet. After climbed mountain in other side we can enter the ‘Seetha kanda Aranya Senasanaya’.  This sylvan is known as ‘Seetha kanda’ because not of relation about ‘Seetha Deviya’.full of this mountain there pure fountains and also there stone towers. In that place more cold. So it becomes ‘Seetha Kanda’ note by legends. We can see wild animals and wild herb in this surroundings.

                 The base part of this religious place adaptation for Rubber plantation. There small shrine made by stone towers inside of the middle size cavern in front of normal crypt. We can see a small ‘Shela Buddha’ statue in that place. This statue has been existing broken down because of Rubber plantation and the antiquities are damage. North side of this crypt there a small crypt shrine with boilers. in present this  crypt shrine has been consumed. So the people who live in here can found many antiquities when they clean it.  

                   Among these antiquities there two small Buddha image inside of the chank and also there are gold colour ‘Ierumala’ seeds, ruby, green color stones and spphire. They can found many idols in here and it made by stone.

                  West side of this crypt shrine there are about 80 feet residual of quadrangular building. There are many foundations, stone pillars, fetters, stairs and grille. Currently north-west side of this crypt shrine use monk for inhabit here. Many discovered antiquities lay up here.

                   There are many crypt with boilers scattered in this area, although there are no any letter about crypt. But one of the crypt bested in boulder, there are a two letters written down here. It means about ‘Puja’ that they committed here.

                   According to legendary this ‘Seetha kanda Aranya Senasanaya’ was running to period of Polonnaruwa. This Monaragala district is famous for, king Vejayabaho (c: e 1055-1110) antithetic battle of chola and king Parakkramabaho (c: e 1153-1186) done battle of united Sri Lankan. As well as capital of  ‘UdunDora’ in ‘Atadas Rate’ located in Manaragala district. In period of British, related to ‘Wellassa Karalla’ there was a warrior named ‘Butave Raterala’ lived in here.This ‘Raterala’ made three lakes named  ‘Hen Deulana’,’Kuda Deulana’ and ‘Maha Deulana’.


                 According to legendary this flowing a ‘Kumara’ rivulet across Seetha Kanda use for bath princes and princess. Currently this place maintain like as  small ‘Aranya Senasanaya’.In this area there are lots of not expedition antiquities scattered here.

  • Monaragala, Sri Lanka

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