The archaeological and historical heritage of Chulangani Vihara Complex

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Two brothers, Dutugamunu and Saddathissa  were battled at the place was Chulangani  pitiya. It is located near to old Chulangani tope currently can be seen before Yudagana  tope .Newly  600  among two topes.

Dilapidated Chulangani tope and connected other buildings were reconstructed in latterly. There few monuments which owns to vihara  complex .They are a building  considers as a bodigara, a image house and a building with short pillars.

Some evidences have about there was an another residential building but according to historical excavations it couldn’t be found .There is a wall band around the all building and it has been conservationed.

The entrance door is in north side and consists with stairs .Thus  to enter Chulanganee  tope only one stairs is used. But in past there were four doors to enter the tope .Door entrances are same to other topes. When entering there can be seen a brick band are same to other gate entrances .Width of band is 2 feet 2 inches .There is a circumambulate  locus to circumambulate  tope .Its width is 8 feet  4 inches. The height of band around  the   tope compound is 4 feet 8 inches .Foundation of band is built in granite. The band above is made in brick .Diameter of central tope is 15 feet .According to current  conservation height is 12 feet. Four stone pillars on nearly 2 feet high foundation are located four feet far away to south side of Chulangani  tope .Later it had used as a flower seat. There had been a roof to tope due to three stone pillars on foundations.

Ruins of image can be seen in compound belonged to Chulangani tope complex. The brick wall around the image house is 2 feet bricks high. Twelve stone pillars had this building. Six pillars had left. According to Archaeological  excavations ruins of three images have found in this vihara  land .According to residual facts in this land four images were kept in image house


The ruins of another building can be seen with stone pillars. In front of Chulangani tope and image house. These stone pillars are shaped tampita vihara .These pillars are in 5 lines and one line had four pillars .Height of those  are from 3 feet to 3 ½ feet. On the number of those pillars it is limited to tampita vihara. Ruins of any other building is consisted to north side this building. It has 4 pillars  .the highest pillar is 4 feet 8 inches . Any base was not found any building belonged to pillars so that it couldn’t be decided what for it used .Looking at these ruins of Chulangani vihara complex and Buddhist images in image houses can decide this complex had built in seventh century.

  • Monaragala, Sri Lanka

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