The archaeological and historical heritage of Ragama devale Maha Perahara

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Ragama devale Maha Perahara

Perahera Location :Ragama

Perahera type : Maha Perahera 

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Perahera Season:September 24 

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History of Perahera  :Sri Lanka, Sept. 21 -- The 16th annual Maha Perahera of the historic Ragama Devalaya will commence from the Devalaya premises on September 24 at 7 p.m.

The Perahera will proceed along Ragama town, Kadawatha road, Lankamatha road, Dabuwa road and return to the devalaya premises.

The Buddha pooja will be held on the same day. Also, Nawagraha pooja at 7 pm, a special Deva pooja at 9 a.m to bless the President, Three Forces and police, Deva Danaya at 11 a.m, Lama pooja at 3 p. …

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  • Ragama, Sri Lanka

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