The archaeological and historical heritage of Puppet Museum

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Puppet Museum

Nearest Land Mark :Dihiwala 

Museum type :Art and cultural

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Entrance Fees (Local): 0-200 Rupees 

Entrance Fees (Foreign):

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Visiting Hours :  9 am to 5 pm expect Mondays and public holidays

Display Objects :Mask Gallary

they have a mini theater where some puppet shows taken place. You can call them in advance and find out the show dates.

Madduma bandara Story

Sirisagabo Story

description : uppet art has been spread into many countries over the world, but the Sri Lankan puppet art has a Sri Lankan hereditary. The main reason for this hereditary is the social, cultural and religious correlation that exists in the Sri Lankan community.

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Contact Address:Dehiwala, Karagampitiya Road , close to the Zoological Garden. 

Telephone :0112714241

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