The archaeological and historical heritage of Nikasalagama Mahagiri Viharaya

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                       This historical “Nikasalagama Mahagiri Viharaya” was belonging to Kurunagala district and it has many ruins according to those generations. Kelesun nasu was become “Nikeles” as the monk who was meditation here.

                      In Kurunagala Halawatha road turn left to Madagama junction with 4kms we can meet this temple. as well as go in this same route turn left and 3 kms to  Paduwasnuwara junction we can come to this place. In the period of king “Dewanapathis” in that  century “Mehidu Hemiyan” was arrived srilanka and built temple at sparsely. This “Nikasalagama Viharaya” also include in that collection of temples.This temple belonging to Kurunagala district in Dewamadi Harispaththuwa Thissawa Koralya and this temple is around the mountains.This area is in acroos the mountain so this temple become “Madagama Viharaya”.This temple was also called “Mahagiri Chetiyaramaya” in past. The idea of the people in this area they think near the mountain there peak in here and also west side of this temple there are 17 crypts with dig cauldron. The monks was lived in here In past.

                       The crypt in present is belonging to period of Kandy.The right side of this crypt there are another crypt the palatinate was gave to the priesthood with  dig cauldron note in inscription. As well as there are another inscription according to it, in west side of the “Mahagiri” temple there are ruins of a temple the king VI “Mihidu” who was built this. Likewise there are ruins of a small temple belonging to period of “Polannaruwa”. According to inscription the ministerial named “Kuttamatambiya” in period of Polonnaruwa who was built this temple. The Kandy period was begin after the period of Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa. But before the Kandy period there are “Ganinnanwahansela” was lived in here. The temple is in present was built the king II “Wemaladarmasuriya” (c:e 1687-1707). This king was gave the same temple with Palmyra-fan, chalice and a small gold idol around with dragon pandol to the incumbent.In this temple we can see “Sathaprna Pelima”,”Hidi Pelimaya” and the idol of “Dagasau”. Without these statue there two idol.


                      To go to this temple there are big stairs. There stone 190 stairs in here, and also the king II “Wemaladarmasuriya” was built a garden for use of the monk who was lived in here those days. We can see Mango and Orange trees in this area. There two bodhi tree in this area. One of it is the bourgeon of the “Jaya Srimaha Boghiya” and other one is implant in period of Kandy. The period of establishing of the Buddhism “Raja Raja Mahayanawaru” and palatinate are patronage for this holy place and this historical place is best place for the people of study inscriptions.

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