The archaeological and historical heritage of Naigala Rajamaha Viharaya

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                          This “Naigala Rajamaha Viharaya” is situated in Veerakatiya main road and go 2kms from Veerakatiya junction near 8kms to historical “Mulgirigala Rajamaha Viharaya”. The story about this temple belonging to king “Mahanaga” when he was come to “Ruhuna” in period of “Dewanapathis ” .The king “Mahanaga” who was stay in here was  affairs agricultural things and make this area palmy and not far to “Mulgirigala” built a palace in “Mandaduwata” and lived there. In that times there are big drought and the tanks, stream are dry up and the trees also dry. One day there was a big snake came in front of the king bring him to a large rock. At that time the king saw a pond full of water and also there is another pond west side of that pond. Thenceforward this “Naya Pennu Pokuna” was become “Naga Pokuna” and “Naya Giya Gala” was named “Naigala”. This is the legend of this “Naigala Rajamaha Viharaya”.

                          Firstly we can see temple mansion with two stairs and it has attractive stairs. Inside of this mansion there is another shrine room. There are idol of lord Buddha. Outside of the mansion there are paintings of “Atavisi buduwaru”. In wall of the temple there are paintings about “Jathaka katha”. The caion is in back side of the temple. We can guess the king “Maha Naga” was built this according to sandy compound of this cairn. This temple has 50 acre. This temple area is full of rocky plain. There letter with “brshamiya” letters and kind of symbols is in this rocky plain and also there are different kind of boundaries mark in here. One of that rocky plain there are rutty for place pillar in here. There are evidence about there was a building in here.

                    There are a news , the queen “Sugala” was hide “Paththra Dathuwa” in this temple and also stone circus hollow on that big rock. The idea of the incumbent there are “Karaduwaka Dathun” was lay up here.   


                   The Bodhi tree of “Naigala Rajamaha Viharaya” is very famous place. It was a part of the “Sri Maha Bodhiya ” and It was planted by arahant. As well as this “Naigala Rajamaha Viharaya” is famous for medical practice of serpent's venom. We can prove it  herbs is in the forest all around this temple. 

  • Weeraketiya, Sri Lanka

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