The archaeological and historical heritage of Nagollagoda Rajamaha Viharaya

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Nagollagoda Rajamaha Viharaya

                    The king “Walagamba” was built many temples in many places in Sri Lanka. Most of them are crypts. Those temples are built in the places the king “Walagamba” who was hiding from the chola and many places for collecting army. So the temple among these this ”Nagollagoda Rajamaha Viharaya” is situated in north-west province in kurunagala district in Hettipola Kuliyapitiya.

                   A jasmine garland is twining the large ‘Na’ tree in here. According to legends this place has a highland area so the king decided this place was satiable for built a temple. The king was built this temple according to correct method so this temple also called “Nagolle Goda  Niyama Gam Viharaya”.  And also there is a record on the one of edictal pillar note as ‘Saman Paw Viharaya’ (Sumanaparwatha).

                    We can arrive this temple go 3 ½ miles in Hettipola,Kuliyapitiya road and go 2miles to Akarawaththa road. There are many antiquities are in this area. There are two inscriptions and two stone pillars in here. And also there are parts structures’ of the moonstone and stone slabs in here. There is a Samadhi statue built in 2459,’Sathapena Pilimaya’ and ‘Hiti Pilimaya’ is in here. There is a drogon pandol is in entrance of the temple and the “Suvesiovewaranaya” and “Dewatha Rupa” are painting in here. The caion was built in period of king “Walagamba” and it was reconsturution in ever and anon. there is an old bodhi tree in here. Around this bodhi tree there are two ‘Na’ trees and a Palmyra tree.  This temple contributes 15 villages. And also there is a ruin of a tank.


                       This “Nagollagoda Rajamaha Viharaya” is a famous temple in north-west province and it is the place with including oldest ruins. 

  • Kuliyapitiya, Sri Lanka

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