The archaeological and historical heritage of Muruthannege Sri Shailabembarama Rajamaha Viharaya

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Muruthannege Sri Shailabembarama Rajamaha Viharaya

                 There are many temple is in Kurunagala,Dabadeniya kingdom. This “Muruthannege Rajamaha Viharaya” the one of them and the specialty of this temple is, it is located in beautiful area and its ancient.


                This temple is situated in north-west province, in Kurunagala district Kuliyapitiya election region in Ihala Muruthannage area. There are many route for enter this temple.we can arrive this temple go by 2 mile in Kuliyapitiya-Narammala road, go Dabadeniya road and go ½ mile in Muruthannaga ‘Gansabdha’ road.


               The history of this temple is belonging to period of Dabadeniya. This “Muruthannage” area was the main stores (“Gabada gama”) among the 18 stores in period of Dabadeniya.  This villages was the palmy village  with full of wealth of cereal. This old temple was on the rocky plain in west side of the temple area. Normally the rocky plain and the temple area is spread 20 acre. And also see about the historical details about this temple, it is belonging to period of Anuradhapura. According to inscription in this rocky plain the person who was built this stair in here the king “Sangatissa” who was kingdom from c: e 247-251 in Anuradhapuraya was gave the “Kuruniya” of paddy.


           Currently this temple is belonging to period of Kandy. Most of people think this temple was built “Megasthanne Adekaram” who was the minister of the king “Sri Wekkramarajasingha”. He was the “Desa Adekaram” in the “Sath Koralaye”. Among  the ”Shailabembaramaya”  there are monastery ,old stone well, olden stone tombstone, olden bodhi tree, ageing  monastery of ruins, old temple mansion ,old bounty wall, the ageing bodhi tree on the seven compound. Without these buildings there is a new temple mansion, bell tower, current preaching room, built in here. The roof is four fesult fix flaky brick in this temple. The shrine divided in to two parts. The shrine room is in the inside of the temple. The special part of this temple is big door frame made by “Na” wood and shows the haughtiness of this temple. And also they used big key according to period of contemporaneous. There is a bronze block with beautiful engraving. there are  a dragon pandol under the  reclining image. But in today this is destroyed. And also  there are “Natha” and “Vishnu” god two paintings and the “Wesathuru Seritha”, “Suwesivewaranaya” and “Sathsatiya” belonging to period of Kandy.



            The bodhi tree was in the compound of the temple was made by using seven compounds. The bodhi tree was the bourgeon of the “Sri Maha Bodhi” in Anuradhapuraya. This Dabadeniye “Muruthannege Sri Shailambarama Rajamaha Viharaya” has historical valuable.

  • Dambadeniya, Sri Lanka

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