The archaeological and historical heritage of Molagoda Rajamaha Viharaya

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                  This “Molagoda Kotamudungala Rajamaha viharaya” is belonging to Central province in Kandy district Pojapitiya area.    


                  This “Molagoda Rajamaha viharaya” is the old crypt temple with the cauldron. This crypt temple is situated in under rock with direct slant. Inscription of the outside of the temple and cauldron is in the above of it, before the reconstruction there are paintings belonging to period of Christian anterior. It has  hermitage in is temple area. Below the cauldron of this crypt temple there are inscription belonging to c:a 3-2 in period of Anuradhapuraya and the letter similar to character. There is another few inscription was written in period of “Kanda Udarata”. Videlicet “Babaragala Vihara Lipiya” and “Dulwala” inscription.


                 According to oral tradition this temple and news about related with king “Walagamba”. The king “Walagamba” was lived 14 years in a crypt except his royal. When he becomes the king again he order to person who was a leader of this area built temple when he was lived crypt those days note in legends.


                  “Kotamudungala “This “Molagoda Rajamaha viharaya” is reconstruction so far we the painting styles are belonging to period of Kandy. But most of the paintings are paint again, so it belonging to previous period. Most of the paintings and the statues are similar to paintings and statues of the “Dabulla” crypt temple. Now there two “Hiti Pelima” and “Hidi Pilima” design belonging to period of kandy. Other idols are belonging to recent. In this temple there are two dragon pandols. According to technology this dragon pandols are show features about period of Kandy. One of this show the “Sri Maha Bodhiya”. In this manner we can’t see this dragon pandol show the “Sri Maha Bodhiya”.  The shrine is in the temple compound and the Bodhi tree is in aloft of the compound. Behind the bodhi tree there are 12 cubit idol made in stone. For made this  idol  they stared in 1930  and they end that work in 1940.


                     There are 100 feet high direct declivity in the rock it is a temple called as “Silumina Saya”.  Below of the cairn compound there are fane of the god “Kumara Bandara”. There are a collection of palm leaf book.




  • Pujapitiya, Sri Lanka

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