The archaeological and historical heritage of Meduma len Rajamaha Viharaya

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                       In currently that much famous or there are no any attention about this temple, this “Meduma Len Viharaya” was belong to period of king II “Dewanapathis”.

                       This temple is situated in “Walgampaththala” area belonging to “Kethigoda Karalaya”. This temple is located in small ben when go 4 kms in Radukkana and turn right side to Walgama road. Partially afar from this temple there are famous “Daliwela Kotawehera” is located in here. According to research of the department of archaeologicl this “Daliwela Kotawehera” belonging to 3 century. They think this “Meduma Len Viharaya” was built synchronic. When bring the “Sri Maha Bodhi” in to the Sri Lanka therewith a different kind of technology people and barons are came to here and built temples in everywhere. This “Kotawehera”  was one of that collection. “Mihidu Hemiyan” also come to Party of the omniscient relics was sober (down). This “Mihidu Hemiyan” was taken a rest in that crypt note in legend. So then this temple was become “Meduma Len Viharaya”.

                    The ancient “Meduma Len Viharaya” has a thing which say historical design. Videlicet a beautiful seat made of stone. It is with 10 ½ feet  long and 4 ½ feet width.  This was a ageing seat with tenuous bead design. This seat was use “Mihidu Hemi” for supernatural when he comes to the “Kotawehera”.This seat divide into nine parts. The first archaeologist in Sri Lanka Mr. H.C.P.Bell  who was note in “Kegalu” report this nine square shows the “Nawa Aharade Buduguna”. This seat was protected using iron hedge from department of the archaeological.


Before the time of  “Mihidu Hemiyan” this was become a jungle. But this is become good quiddity in period of Kandy. The idol of temple is in here belonging to period of Kandy. Aloft of the temple there is a cairn. There are paintings on the wall and the shilling. 

  • Walgama, Sri Lanka

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