The archaeological and historical heritage of Mawela Rajamaha Viharaya

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                     The historical details about this “Mawela Rajamaha Viharaya” this is belonging to period of c:a 103. Videlicet belonging to period of king “Walagamba”  kingdom.


                    This temple is situated in Colombo-Kandy road Pahala Kadugannawa opposite of the doss house foot of the quagmire. The name board is only show to the road. The temple is in the foot of the mountain. It create beautiful environment with white mist of around the group of mountain. The king “Walagamba”  who was collect his army and practices and send them to the war. End of the war he was return here and built a temple note by legend.


                  This  “Mawela Rajamaha Viharaya” is a crypt temple. there is a 18 cubit place of pass away and statue  of the god “Upulwa”. This temple is destroyed because grasp of the thieves. But they can’t bring anything of this place. The caion is in “Mawela Rajamaha Viharaya” is valuable. Videlicet it is in inside of the crypt temple. it is  belonging to group of “Sararama Chaithya”. This caion was built queen “Henakada Beso Bandara” who was layup her jewellery. But in 1989 year this temple was grasp by thieves. This temple was completely made again  in 1997 year.


                  In front of this temple there are “Dewanagala”, “Uthuwankanda”, ”Bathalegala” and “Ambulugala” mountains. There is a bell tower made in latterly.



  • Pahala Kadugannawa, Sri Lanka

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