The archaeological and historical heritage of Maliga Villa Buddha Statues

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When turn the Buththala junction and  pass okkampitiya  can see a region currently known as Maligavila.It is consist in 40 acres and  there are many old ruins in this sacred place.In order to Mahavansaya and other records this monastery complex called as names of Ariyakora temple,Ariyahoti temple,Ariyakatii,Ariyakara.


Today maligavila is famous for standing image of lord Buddha.It is special for other images .This image was  created  calc- gneisses special.It was was carried from other place and  positioned herein order to mahavansaya this maligavila Buddhist image was built by king  Agbo who was famous at Ruhuna in ce ( 603-83).Chronicles noticed that king Agbo was built a rocky Buddhist image with a house in Ruhuna Kanagama.This Kanagama means ruins in Maligavila that revealed.


Height of this image is 34 feet.Width among shoulders is 10 feet.There is a fact that It is  the largest rocky image in Asia.Treasure thieves had broken this image into  few pieces. And kept in floor.Archiologist department raised, confirmed and reconstructed.


Maligavila image is faced to east The Dabegoda Maithree Bosath image is located near 100 yards from image house. 


  • Monaragala, Sri Lanka

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