The archaeological and historical heritage of Maduwanwela Walauwa

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                              About Maduwanwela Maha Disawa

There  had been a lot of folklore,historical discriptions and archiologious informations about Maduwanwela mahadisawa or Maduwanwela  Wijayasundara Ekanayake Abayakoon Kodithuwakku Mudiyanse Ralahamige Sir James Wiliam Maduwanwela.It consist of delious incidents.He was born at 11th  September in 1844.He was died in 06 september in 1930.He lived 85 years.

He had spread a supreme power rather than regional king.He was the regional ruler and handle the complete judicial incomes.He devoted national impression for innocent villagers against the british kingdom shilfully.He was a populist leader. He represented dole,pain and brine of people in his nindagama.

Folklore noticed that how received the Maduwanwela ancestry.The place of Panamuruya  is situated 8 miles far from maduwanwela walawwa.There was a brigand here.His name was othlaya and he was a dutch person.HE disturbed and assaulted for travellors.King of upcountry ascertained about this.

The command of king  was that if anyone bought othalaya’s head he had given a number of villages.Maduwanwela maha mohottala of maduwanwela ancestry assumed that adventure and brought othalaya’s head for the king and had taken nindagama.

Maduwanwela ancestry received nindagama second time. From king of upcountry.It was for a braveness of catching a white moose to king.The symbol of MAduwanwela walawwa is used as moose head.So it can be belived true.Moose head had been created on the top of the entrance door.It is clear moose head was used in money wood carving in manar house so that total amount of those nidagama was 84000 acres.





The parents of mahadisawa were dead in his childhood.His grand mother (mother of father) looked after him.She was closed retion of late president Sirimawo Bandaranayake.He had been a student of st thomes collage at Mountlavinia.So that he could speak English well.He never forget Buddhism for a moment although he had educated in catholic school.He come to his village before ending his education.He had lived there when he was died.

Maduwanwela ancestry includes the national directory due to grand dad of him who destroyed Katuwana dutch bastille according to command of king upcountry.He was originated such as chivalrous adventurous ancestry.He represented the arrogant characteristics.Afterwards English people introduced him a name of Srilankan ‘’Black Prince’’.

He received a large manar house from his adolescent.He arranged it for suitable type for him.He added new part as like as Mahathma Gandhi’s house seen as a upstairof maduwanwela walawwa.He highly respected to Mahathma Gandhi so he built upstair like that.

Mishanari custom was received priority of manners and characters in English imperialism.He had ability to be a half English man.But he accedes our heritage religion highly.So that people gathered him day by day.HE completed the maduwanwela mudalindarama temple and reconstructed panamura kavanthissa raja maha viharaya contributing palingensis of Buddhism.So  manar house was a religious center.Some evidence could be seen today that he had made wall,bodhiyagara to give secure for bodhiya which was on the land.HE had built Buddhist chamber in manar house, a separate hall to concentrate atasil. Mahadisava and Mahakumarihami worshipped theruwan on appropriate time in daily.

In 1837 he dedicated 50 acres to Mudalindaramaya by grant.In that period British commonds and commandment and taxes were operated in Srilanka.  But anyone couldn’t be against plumb for that.Therefore disava was the income officer, judge of  English imperialism. Today also English state mark could be seen on the wall of judge hall.But diasawa was unhappy that method as a picture of Victoria princess imperialism.

Top of the stone gate entrance  of walauwa , maduwanwela walawwa  words have been  written in Sinhala and word ‘’welcome’’ had been written in floor by tiles near the main gate of entrance. It showed that he neglected English.

One day when disawa was sitting ready for horse train, two princess of English entered the apartment.They discussed to get out block nationist.But disawa could understand English properly he said that he was a black princess of Srilanka.Then he outed two of them and travelled lonely it’s a pleasant folklore.

English people decided to cut a road of Deniyaya – Rakvana through Kolonna – maduwanwela.But disava was against it and didn’t give a chance.He showed his braveness.

Maha disava worked on time.He wanted to do anywork not to deley.Untill Britian had caught Srilanka.The land of maduwanwela walawwa through upcountry and low country had been secured maduwanwela ancestry indigenously.They represented  to operation commands of king upcountry at any time He had a sharped,Depth voice.

He got up early in the morning, and called Juva who was the closed friend and servant with a loud noice.Everyone got up on that voice.on backside of walawwa .He was chief of reigion and he liked to go on foot, on dolawa on horse and on elephant with gang of servants with weapons.English government knew that and not to involve him.He had ability to face any challenge.

His region devided into 18 parts and controlled 18 controllers.They had to imform disawa about villages sorrow happiness extra.Disawa gave fields,lands them to cultivate yala maha.Disava helped people  in wedding death funerals without knowing him about occations ,he would got angry with them.There were closed relationship among villagers and maha disawa..He gave presents all villagers in Sinhala awrudu day.Disava had a daughter in his first marriage,His wife was dead and he got second marriage.Her second wife was choosed by daughter.wearing a flower neckless.She was famous in name of maduwanwela Kumarihamy.She wa a pious Buddhist lady.  

Disawa was patient when his evening time.Dr R.L Spittle gave treatments and disava was recognized  as awild king.


There was an operation to occur disava’s leg.Doctor adviced him to be unconscious for operation.But disava didn’t agree it and he tolerated pains during the operation of leg .It was a marvelous incident.After a month of operation disava was dead in 6th  September 1930.He was a very respectable brave and people of sabaragamuwa.In 1962 his daughter punchi kumarihamy –Dingiri  Appo was dead..Then manar house went on nonexistence.After them The owner of Walawwa was the speaker, Pransis Molamure. 

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