The archaeological and historical heritage of Lunugamvehera National Park

Lunugamvehera National Park

Lunugamvehera National Park

. Location This Park falls within the divisional secretaries’ divisions of Thanamalwila, Wellawaya, Kataragama and Buttala in the Moneragala district and Lunugamvehera in the Hambantota district. Lunugamvehera National Park is the immediate catchment of Lunugamvehera reservoir. The park serves as a link between the Yala Protected Area Complex on its east and Udawalawe National Park to its west and facilitates the ranging of elephants to and from areas such as Haldummula and Koslanda in Uva and the southern region of Sri Lanka. Access The park office is situated at Lunugamvehera on the Wellawaya-Hambantota road. There are two main access routes to the park headquarters from Colombo: Via Ratnapura, Udawalawe, Thanamalwila, Lunugamvehera (approx. 143 miles/231km); Via Hambantota, Tissamaharama, Thanamalwila, Lunugamvehera (approx. 164 miles/265 km). The total area of the park is 23,498 ha. Approximately 14% of the park is occupied by the reservoir; at full capacity the reservoir occupies 3,283 ha, while smaller tanks cover 50 ha. The park’s total dry land area is 20,157 ha. Climate The climate in the park is characterized by a bimodal seasonal rainfall pattern and uniform high temperature conditions. The average annual rainfall at Thanamalwila is about 1000 mm and its level in the park area decreases from north to south and west to east. The annual average temperature is about 300C. Visitors and Visitor Facilities There are two camp sites ( Pahala Pavuweva and Bolhindagala) and two Bungalows (Veheragala and Thalgahadigana) Reservations at the Head office, Battaramulla. Tel. 011 288 8585

  • Hambantota, Sri Lanka

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